Sunday, June 17, 2018

The McCrea Family (5 Generations)

Good afternoon my dears, 

Today, I'm sharing the genealogical story of my hubby's paternal grandmother, Margaret JoAnn "Jodi" McCrea.


The ancient Scottish name McCrea is carried by the descendants of the Pictish people. It was a name for a prosperous person. The Gaelic form of the surname McCrea is Mac Rath, which literally means son of grace or son of prosperity. [source]

The surname McCrea was first found in Inverness-shire (Gaelic: Siorrachd Inbhir Nis) divided between the present day Scottish Council Areas of Highland and Western Isles, and consisting of a large northern mainland area and various island areas off the west coast, the shire was anciently both a Pictish and Norwegian stronghold, but their ancient history is often clouded with conjecture. It appears certain that they lived before the 14th century at Clunes, to the west of Inverness in the territories of the Fraser Clan. Consequently the family has always been friendly towards that Clan. From about 1400, they moved to the location with which they are readily associated, Kintail. [source]

Robert McCrea
b. 1817 d. July 21st, 1854 (aged 37) 
emigrated from Liverpool, England to New York, U.S on November 18th, 1843

married for ten years on June 12th, 1844

Hannah Cunningham
b. June 10th, 1828 d. March 23rd, 1861 (aged 32)
(4th great-grandparents)

Places lived: Washington County, Pennsylvania

Robert McCrea NY Passenger List

1850 U.S Census
1860 U.S Census
Grave of Hannah McCrea at Bethel Methodist Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Lancellot H. McCrea
b. January 10th, 1846 d. July 31st, 1929

married for forty-six years on February 21st, 1871

Semoma Noblitt

b. March 8th, 1852 d. October 11th, 1917
(3rd great-grandparents)

Places livedCross Creek, Washington County, Pennsylvania
Caldwell County, Missouri
Union Center, Kansas
Caddo, Oklahoma 

1870 U.S Census Lancelot McCrea

1880 U.S Census

1895 Kansas Census

1900 U.S Census (Lancelot is on the page before)

1910 U.S Census

1920 U.S Census

 Grave of Senoma McCrea at Spring Creek Cemetery, Spring Creek, Caddo Co., Oklahoma

Grave of Lancellot McCrea

Emmitt McCrea
b. November 1871 d. June 1941

married for thirty-eight years on September 23rd, 1903

Mary E. Fisher
b. March 28th,1883 d. March 16th, 1965
(2nd great-grandparents)

Places lived: New York, Caldwell, Missouri
Saline, Missouri
Hazel Dell, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Childhood photo of Mary Elizabeth

1900 U.S Census

1920 U.S Census

1940 U.S Census

Gravestone of Emmitt and Mary Elizabeth McCrea

Mary Elizabeth McCrea Obituary

Alton R. McCrea
b. July 18th, 1904 d. November, 1959 


Margaret "Ruth" St John
b. January 22nd, 1911 d. September 27th, 1994

Places lived: Caddo, Oklahoma
Rock Springs, Wyoming

WWII Draft card registration on February 16th, 1942

Gravestone of Margaret "Ruth" McCrea at Rest Haven Memorial Gardens in Rock Springs, Wyoming

private as still alive

married for two weeks shy of sixty years on May 29th, 1957 

Margaret JoAnn "Jodi" McCrea
b. July 29th, 1941 d. May 2nd, 2017

Places lived: Elkhart, Kansas
Rock Springs, Wyoming

Margret "JoAnn" McCrea's yearbook

Grandma and Grandpa Wright, 1957

~Kiki Nakita ~

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Monumental Moments

Good afternoon my dears,

Lately, we've had a lot of what I like to call monumental moments, moments that are meaningful and worth remembering and celebrating.

Moved into our Farmhouse 

We received the keys to our farmhouse on March 22nd, the day this picture was taken. In the weeks after, the trees surrounding the house started to bloom and now we're shaded from the midday sunshine under a canopy of leaves. The views out of every window, has to be one of my favorite things about moving further out into the countryside. So peaceful. 

40th Anniversary of Joining the Rhodesian Air Force

This year would've been the 40th anniversary of my dad joining the Rhodesian Air Force. He served from 1978-1982 and it shaped his future decades-long career in avionics. In 1989, when I was aged three, my Dad co-founded Inter Avionics where he worked for almost twenty-five years, until passing away aged fifty-four in 2013.

Pictured. Far left, on bended knee. 

Also pictured is my Uncle Buffy, who along with my Aunt Diana, recently attended a 40th reunion in South Africa. While there they got together with family and longtime family friends. My Aunt Diana kindly sent me this picture, of the Chomse family whom I've known my whole life.

Left to right: Unknown, unknown, Isa, Alf (who was my dad's business partner at Inter Avionics, Serena, Miskar (my dad's godson), Alf's mom. 

13th Anniversary in the United States

On May 5th, we celebrated my 13th year in the United States. As of last year, I've now lived in the United States longer than I lived in South Africa (8 years) or England (11 years). 

What monumental moment have you recently celebrated?

Have a blessed week,
Kiki Nakita

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Kelsie's 3rd Birthday at Lake Tillery and a Housewarming Luncheon

Good afternoon my dears.

We recently celebrated the 3rd birthday of our dog, Kelsie Merrily.

Aka; Kells, Belle, Ballerina.

We adopted Kelsie in August, 2015 when she was five months old, from the high kill shelter in Elizabethtown, NC. She was due to be euthanized the following day, but instead, she got to come live with and make memories with us. 

So in keeping with last years tradition, which you can read about here, we decided to take Kelsie on a day trip, firstly to the car wash, then to Lake Tillery for a picnic and hike. 

We picnicked by this beach cove, with soft sand and waves as the boats and jet skies drove by. 

The area overlooked forest on one side...

...and the lake on the other side. 

After the picnic we hiked up the hill. 

Where as you climb you can see glimpses of the lake through the dappling trees. 

When we see glimpses of this bridge, then we know we're almost finished, and have more than met our 10,000 steps for the day.

The following day we hosted a luncheon for some friends. 

I grouped together the savory bites along with the bigger plates. 

Cheddar and heirloom tomato sandwiches. 

Mexican corn potato salad

Southwestern salad 

And I grouped together the sweet bites with the small plates and silverware. The green platter was for sugar cookies that were still in the oven. 

Strawberry scones served with rhubarb raspberry preserves. I had to take the dome off as it was steaming up. 

The housewarming gift we received from our realtor-turned-friend, her husband, her daughter, and new baby son. 

You can also watch the video of our weekend here too if you'd like. 

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Kiki Nakita

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