Friday, January 19, 2018

Our Childhood Snow Days and Snow At The Farm

Good morning my dears.

This week snow came to the Carolinas. So for a laugh (with us, not at us), I thought I'd show you some photos I found of our childhood snow days in the eighties and nineties.


My hubby grew up in Wyoming and Nevada (near the Ruby Mountains) where they had months and months of snowy winters. He's the youngest brother, wearing red snow pants in these pictures. 

He was the cutest on skis.

Whereas, I grew up in South Africa and didn't see snow for the first time until moving to England when I was around eight. I remember coming home from school, in my school uniform, putting on my wellies and helping my younger sister, Gigi, build a snowman. 

Fast forward two decades. 

On our snow day we drove to the farm to take a peek and we definitely got a lot more snow than last year. You have to take your picture without hesitation, because within a day or two its all melted away. 

This is what we call the side garden, over an acre of lawn surrounded by mature trees, which will eventually be our dogs; Sophie (9), Oscar (8), and Kelsie's (2.5) future playground. 

Our forest, which has acres and acres of uninterrupted forest views will be visible from all the windows from the back of the farmhouse, including the double-story great room. 

The farmhouse now has unpainted siding and twelve columns around the porch. We picked out a white color, ironically called snowbound. Which we can't wait to see painted. The shutters are Wedgewood blue, and the wooden door needs to be stained English Walnut - the same color as the door to my childhood home

Our current 1983 southern colonial home has a lot of similarities. It is in an established neighborhood with neighbors who have been here since the nineties. We're most likely renting it our when we move, so it won't be as hard to move away. 

Previous snow days:

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?

Kiki Nakita

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Royal Mail From Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip

Good afternoon my dears. 

Last year, on November 20th 2017, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary. I sent them a card to congratulate them, and a few weeks before Christmas I received this card as a response. Its been sitting on our mantle since.

If you'd like to mail the Queen, her address is as follows:

HM Queen Elizabeth II
Buckingham Palace
London SWIA 1AA
United Kingdom

Kiki Nakita

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Bye Bye 2017

Happy New Year my dears.

This year, we had reservations at The Fig Tree Restaurant for a New Years Eve dinner. It was our first time dining there. We later learned Oprah dined there last year while she was here for a graduation commencement speech. We especially liked the dessert - which we shared, of course

Every year I like to do a post that looks back at the year. Here was our 2017. 

- 2017 -

Master Bedroom tour

A plumbing incident which cost us $8,000. Our insurance company wouldn't pay out because the plumbers wording wasn't proficient enough.

We had many dinners at Waldhorn, eating German food like my Granny used to make

Our 3rd annual Valentine's at the Ballantyne

Visited Papa in the Lone Star State

4th annual Easter at Biltmore

Coastal Cottage Kitchen tour

Goodbye to Grandma Wright

Hiking in the Uwharrie National Forest

Cousin Sam comes for a visit

Kiki's 31st Birthday in Outer Banks, NC

We went to England for ten days to visit my family.

4th Wedding Anniversary at Duke Mansion

Cory's 3rd Workiversary for the wholesome television network INSP

Started breaking ground on our Southern farmhouse

Autumn picnic at the farm

Cory's 36th Birthday in Blowing Rock and Boone, NC

Carved pumpkins at the farm

Farmhouse framing tour

Daytrip to Pinehurst, NC

Daytrip to Old Salem, NC

3rd annual Thanksgiving at Biltmore

Christmas in New York City

Kiki Nakita

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Christmas In New York City

Good morning my dears,

We had a rather delightful Christmas in New York City. 

Christmas Eve Eve

Charlotte  ⟹ LaGuardia 

All aboard, as we're flying amongst the cotton-candy clouds to New York City. 

Fortunately, for us the flight was a mere hour-and-a-half, so enough time to snack on biscotti and sip on a cup of tea. Which makes me wonder, what drink of choice do you order when flying? 

After our arrival, we collected our luggage and proceeded to our reserved limousine which drove us to the front door of our hotel, in style. It isn't as pricey as you'd assume - a mere $34 and a handsome tip. For us it was worth every penny.

We checked into our hotel, The Inter Continental Barclay, and our room was on the 15th (top) floor overlooking one of New York's finest, the Chrysler building.

The location was conveniently next to Duane Reade (Walgreens) and a small market with fresh fruit and bottled water, which we purchased so we could have breakfast for the next few days in our room. 

Christmas Eve

After getting dressed we noticed that my outfit unintentionally matched our hotel room floor. I decided to wear black trousers underneath my dress, instead of nylons or leggings, in the hopes I still looked dressed up enough for the ritzy hotels, but could remain warm at the same time. Ha ha!

We took a yellow cab to The Plaza. And my dears, because its a tourist attraction, you have to have your name on the list to be able to enter the lobby. Thankfully, we made our reservation months ago, so we were allowed indoors. 

We had a champagne high tea at The Palm Court. I had a sample of rose champagne and a pot of lavender tea. Whilst taking our tea we overheard the gentleman (on the left on this picture) saying;

"she eats so daintily, she even uses her knife and fork to eat a sandwich."

We had a wonderful experience. I'd definitely recommend trying high tea wherever you go, because life's to short not to - right?

Afterwards, we went on a romantic and cozy carriage ride through Central Park. 💕

We walked through Bergdorf Goodman's, past the LOVE statue, to Radio City Music Hall, because we had tickets to go see The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. We arrived early and got to wait under heat lamps and be one of the first few through the doors. 

We also got our picture taken with Rockette Danielle, who was very gracious.

Rockefeller Plaza. I'm sure any 90's kid who watched Home Alone II knows the significance of seeing this tree. 

Times Square, exactly one week before New Years Eve.

Christmas Day 

On Christmas morning we got a yellow cab to the Downton Abbey Exhibition. We were early, so we stopped by a local coffee shop and had lattes beforehand. The exhibition also had a coat check, which was nice, and an opportunity to get a photo taken as the Lord and Lady of Downton Abbey.

Afterwards, we went for a walk through Central Park, before having a Christmas Day luncheon at The Russian Tea Room. Behind us, is the ice skating rink filled with eager participants, me? Not so much. I spent the first eight years of my childhood in South Africa, where it was summer on Christmas Day. I didn't even see snow until I was nine or ten, and even though I learned to ski - somewhat, I've never learned to skate. I'm sure you're all pros though, right?

That evening, we went to the Broadway production of the School of Rock. Again, we arrived early and got to wait in the theatre lobby, instead of outside in the cold. HIGHLY recommend doing so, especially in the winter months. The play was fabulous. All the singing and musical instruments were sung and played by the cast, the majority of which were elementary school and middle school ages. They received a standing ovation and got everyone into the spirit. 

Boxing Day 

As our final day descended, we got a yellow cab to the Natural History Museum. There's so much to take in, that it can't all be done in a day. My hubby said it wasn't what he'd expected and that he preferred the Natural History Museum in Washington DC. 

Then we headed home sweet home for New Years. 

Our Holiday Card Picture

Thank you. To any of you who take the time to read my blog, or watch my vlogs. I enjoy seeing how other people live - and we all have one thing in common, we like to remember these little moments, because maybe, just maybe the little moments are what matter the most. 

Kiki Nakita

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