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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cousin Comes For Visit

Good afternoon my dears,

It has been a few weeks since I've posted on my blog, and there's been a few happenings. Firstly, we hosted my hubby's cousin while she was in town for a wedding, then we went on vacation to the Outer Banks for my 31st birthday, and coming up we have a family reunion and vacation at my childhood home, sweet home.

But first, let's rewind to a few weekends ago. While we were in the bookstore I found this devotional, Seeing God In America by Thomas Nelson. Its perfect for anyone who is a traveler, or adventurer, with stories about 100 spectacular places in America accompanied by a devotion and prayer.

One of the pages had a devotion on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where were heading the following weekend.

The day before my hubby's cousin came into town he treated me to a bouquet of roses, which I arranged with some greenery from our garden. So fragrant.

Hubby's cousin was in town for a wedding. We took her for a stroll around uptown and treated her to brunch at The Asbury, and lavender lemonades at Amelie's.

The following day we treated her, and her fiancé (who was in the wedding party), to brunch at The Gallery. The weather was beautiful, so we took some pictures on the balcony overlooking the golf course.

- Cousins -

Hubby's cousin is planning her wedding for June, 2018 a mere three weeks after she graduates from her masters program. She's studying to be a pediatric anesthesiologist, so she would break into stories from her residency. I may have twitched a time or two.

Afterwards, we took them on a tour of the Billy Graham Library, and  treated them to lunch at the Dairy Barn, before saying our goodbyes.

For my next post you'll have to get some iced water, sunscreen, and sunglasses on because we're going to the Outer Banks. . . 

See you then!

~Kiki Nakita ~
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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hiking In The Uwharrie National Forest

Good morning my dears,

Here's a little recap of last week, and weekend.  


On Thursday I prepared roast chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy (in my new little jugs), herb stuffing balls, peas and roasted carrots. It was delicious.


 On Friday afternoons and evenings we go to the land. We go for a walk, cut the lawn (the front takes 2 hours on a riding lawnmower), add posts to the forest, and see what's in bloom. Here's a glimpse.

This is a weed, but a pretty one.


 On Saturday we went on a hike with one of our dogs, Kelsie Merrily, around nature trails in Morrow Mountain State Park, and Lake Tillery in the Uwharrie National Forest.

These boots are made for walking...and that's just what they'll do...🎶

One of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

Kelsie Merrily waded and drank a lot of the lake water by the time we'd returned. She also got to put her head out of the sunroof on our Sunday drive out of the park. Perfect day for a dog.


On Sunday after church we went to Café Monte, which is an Art Deco/Parisian style café in the affluent South Park neighborhood. We shared a tomato, basil, and mozzarella pizza and had the most delectable yogurt parfaits.

 And last but not least, here's what's currently blooming in our garden.

Have a blessed week,

~Kiki Nakita ~

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Goodbye Grandma

Our family is saddened to share that my hubby's grandma passed away early this morning, a few weeks shy of her 60th wedding anniversary to grandpa.

Last year I did a post called pray for grandma, which explains her ongoing battle with PSP. She is now home with her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

~Kiki Nakita ~

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Coastal Cottage Kitchen Tour

Good afternoon my dears.

Today, its drizzly outside so let's spend some time inside my coastal cottage style kitchen. Pour yourself  a cup of tea, and let's visit.

When we moved in our kitchen had mahogany cabinetry, green countertops, and a tile floor. It was so dark and closed in.

So, one day we took a collection of photos and listed our whole kitchen on Craigslist for $1,000. Surprisingly, we had a lot of enquiries and we ended up selling it for $800 to a gentleman who was remodeling his lake house.



We've completely re-invented the look of the space, by opening it up, and making it much lighter and brighter.

Above my kitchen shelf I have a family picture from my Nana and Granddad's wedding day on December 12th, 1954. Surrounding them are my great-grandparents, my Granddad's younger sister Wendy, and my Nana's younger sister Barbara.

Painted by the delightful Susan Branch.

My handy hubby built and installed everything you see. The oven we found on clearance, unused, and it has worked perfectly for us, however, in our new home we're getting a double oven because fellow cooks will understand the struggle of preparing a roast, and all sides all at the same time.

All our upper cabinets are glass front, so I use them to display my cake stands, tea sets, or dishes I don't use everyday.

Our trash can is in a pull out cabinet. A must for us.

In the cabinet to the right of our oven is all our everyday dishes. I can open the dishwasher and transfer the clean dishes across easily

The draw above is where I keep all my cooking utensils like spatulas, graters, knives, scissors, peelers and measuring cups.

Y'all know how much I love collecting Susan Branch books. So every season I rotate her cook books on my recipe stand.

Last but not least, I like to put my flower arrangements by my kitchen window. On sunny days I open the windows and let the breeze blows the fragrance throughout the kitchen. 😊

Thank you for visiting, see you next time,

~Kiki Nakita ~

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P.S Our master bedroom and closet tour is here.

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