Friday, November 30, 2018

Dad's Last Christmas 2012

Good morning my dears, 

Today, I'd like to share a short (1 minute) family home movie from my Dad's last Christmas in 2012. My Dad was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in January, 2011 and passed away in May, 2013. This video brings back so many memories of his last Christmas. The kind folks at Mercedes delivered my Dad's Christmas gift to his front door.

Christmas blessings to you, 

-Kiki Nakita-

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

4th Annual Thanksgiving at Biltmore

Good afternoon my dears,

We celebrated our 4th Annual Thanksgiving at the Biltmore. It was a perfect autumn/fall weather day as we had a delicious luncheon at The Deerpark Restaurant, strolled through the house and shops, looked at the spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and looked at the twinkle lights near the campfire at Antler Village. 

I'm so thankful for many things, the list is endless, but I'm most thankful for my hubby and the life we have created together. I'm also thankful for all of you who take the time to stop by and catch up with me. 

- Video -

- Thanksgivings of Years Past - 
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 with family, 2016 with family, 2017 

Thanksgiving blessings to you, 

-Kiki Nakita-

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Jungers Family (7 Generations)

The Jungers Family (7 generations) My husband's maternal grandmother's line.

Jungers Name Meaning

Jungers is a name for a young person or the junior member of a family or community, being derived from the German word "jung" which means "young." 


Thomas Domonic Jungers
b. 1719 d. Unknown

married in 1739

Anna Marie Angelsberg
b. Unknown d. 1745 

6th great-grandparents of husband

Places lived: Luxembourg

Henrici Jungers
b. 1739 d. October 14th, 1805

married in 1768

Anna Meysenburg
b. 1745 d. Unknown

5th great-grandparents of husband

Places Lived: Luxembourg

Antoine Jungers
b. 1779 d. Unknown

married in 1808

Elizabeth Wirth
b. 1785 d. Unknown

4th great-grandparents of husband

Places Lived: Luxembourg

Charles Jungers
b. June 9th, 1810 d. 1895

married on April 15th, 1863

Marie  Soisson
b. October 3rd, 1839 d. Unknown

3rd great-grandparents of husband

Places Lived: Luxembourg

John Peter Jungers
b. April 29th, 1870 d. July 6th, 1954

Arrival to the United States circa 1889/90

married in 1901

Rosallia Sziller
b. September 6th, 1880 d. 1965

Arrival to the United States circa 1896/97

2nd great-grandparents of husband

Places Lived: Luxembourg. Hungary. North Dakota.

1910 US Census

1910 City Directory 

1920 US Census

1930 US Census

1940 US Census

Frank Nick Jungers
b. January 11th, 1902 d. January 1969


Elizabeth Agnes Becker
b. April 21st, 1902 d. April 22nd, 1984

great-grandparents of husband

Places Lived: North Dakota. Oregon.

Wedding of Frank Nick and Elizabeth Jungers

Frank Nick Jungers

 1930 Census

1940 Census

Grave of Frank Nick and Elizabeth Jungers

Marlene JoAnn Jungers
b. June 28th, 1932 d. June 17th, 2015

married for sixty-one years on November 14th, 1953

Arthur Dillon
b. private p. present

grandparents of husband

Places lived: North Dakota. California. Saudi Arabia. Oregon.
Wedding of Arthur and Marlene Dillon


Marlene “Grandee” Dillon, a long-time resident of Eugene, died peacefully in Arlington, TX the morning of Tuesday the 17th of June with her husband and three adult children by her side. Born June 28th 1932 in Regent, North Dakota, Marlene (nee Jungers) moved to Eugene as a young child. She attended St. Mary grammar and St. Francis High School graduating in 1950. She worked at Consolidated Freight Lines in Eugene where she met her future husband Arthur Edwin Dillon. They were married November 14th 1953. The Dillons traveled often in their young married life; living in Eugene then moving to Saudi Arabia where Arthur worked for ARAMCO. Arthur and Marlene traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East. They returned home to Eugene in 1960 but moved again to a suburb of Los Angeles for most of the 1960s. They finally returned to Eugene in 1969 to raise their family of four. They have lived in the same home for over 46 years. While the children were in school, Marlene worked as a bookkeeper for the Orthopedic and Fracture Clinic for over a decade and later worked for Women’s Health Care before her retirement. Marlene enjoyed entertaining her large group of friends along with traveling and visiting her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She is survived by her husband Arthur, three of her children; Cindy Wright (Kerry), Arthur Michael Dillon (Melissa) and Dr. Christopher Dillon (Jee); nine grandchildren and two great grandchildren. She is preceded in death by daughter Lori Jepson. Visitation will be held at St. Mary Catholic Church in Eugene on June 24, 2015 from 10:00 to Noon with a Mass of Christian Burial to follow at 12:15. This is the same church she has attended since she was a small child. A committal service will follow at Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Eugene.

Grandees Grave 

Happy genealogy researching,

-Kiki Nakita-

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Autumn Day in Old Salem, NC

Good afternoon my dears,

We recently had a day trip to Old Salem, NC. We like to visit every year, but our favorite is around  autumn when the leaves are crunchy and golden. We enjoy stopping for lunch at the tavern (reservations are recommended) and shopping at the mercantile, bookstore, and bakery. 

While in Old-Salem we had a private viewing of this timeless chest of drawers, at the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts. It was crafted by Cory's 8th great-uncle, Joseph Wells, in 1796. It's been carefully preserved for almost as long as America has been a country. 

Its no wonder that we found a connection to such a wonderful place. 🍁

- Video -

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving,

-Kiki Nakita-

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Autumn Traditions

Good afternoon my dears,

One of our annual autumn/fall traditions is to visit Carmel Commons. Firstly, we have a bite to eat at Amelie's French patisserie, then we gawk at the Halloween costumes at Party City, then we pick out pumpkins to carve at Simpsons Pumpkin patch. This year we had the most glorious sweater weather as we decided on which ones would be coming home with us. 

We've been getting the most glorious golden sunrises and sunsets which Boo enjoys watching. She celebrated her 11th birthday on Halloween with lots of kisses, cuddles, and a brush.

Our kitchen has been especially cozy with floral arrangements using a mixture of flowers from the farm and the market. And my favorite vase? Its from the dollar store.

- Video - 

Stay warm and cozy,

-Kiki Nakita-

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Monday, November 12, 2018

The Wells Family (8 Generations)

The Wells Family (8 generations). My husband's paternal grandfather's line.

Wells Name Meaning

Recorded in several spellings including Well, Wells, Welman, Wellman and Wellsman, this is an English surname. It has a number of possible origins - topographical, locational, or even job descriptive. If locational, it originates from any of the various places such as Well near Bedale in North Yorkshire, or Wells in the county of Norfolk and in Somerset. However spelt all derive from the pre 7th century word "waella" which describes not a well, but a spring, and probably one that was associated with a holy place. "Wells next the sea", in Norfolk is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as "Guelle". As a topographical surname it denotes residence at or by such a spring or well, as in Roger Attewell of the county of Sussex in the year 1200. This is also a surname that survives in modern times as Attwell. As an occupational name with the suffix "-man", this probably denoted somebody responsible for looking after the village spring, although not necessarily in any other way associated with the various places called Well or Wells. [Source]

British Isles to The Americas


Robert Welles

16th great grandfather

Born in 1484 in Whichford, Warwickshire, England
Died aged seventy-eight in 1562 Whichford, Warwickshire, England

Married for forty-one years in 1512, to

Elizabeth Alice Goodrich

Born in 1488 in Whichford, Warwickshire, England
Died aged sixty-five on January 11th, 1553 in Whichford, Warwickshire, England

St Michael’s Church, Church of England, in Whichford, Warwickshire, England

Thomas Welles 

15th great grandfather

Born in June 21st, 1512 in Whichford, Warwickshire, England
Died aged forty-six on August 30th, 1558 in Whichford, Warwickshire, England

Married for eighteen years on October 28th, 1535 to

Elizabeth Bryan

Born 1516 in Whichford, Warwickshire, England
Died aged thirty-seven on January 11th, 1553 in in Whichford, Warwickshire, England

  • One of Thomas’s sons Robert Welles 1540-1617 married in 1572 to Alice Hunt 1543-1615 and bore a son Thomas Welles.
  • Governor Thomas Welles 1590-1659 married on July 5th 1615 to Alice Tomes. He is the only man in Connecticut's history to hold all four top offices: governor, deputy governor, treasurer, and secretary. 
  • A brother of Alice Tomes Welles, was a faithful royalist who during the escape of Charles II sheltered him in his home on the night of September 10th, 1651 when the king was a fugitive after the Battle of Worcester.

John Wells

14th great grandfather

Born in 1537 in Whichford, Warwickshire, England
Died aged eighty-one on March 25th, 1618 in Ringstead, Northamptonshire, England

Married for ten years in 1562, to

Jane Antrobus

Born in 1541 in Ringstead, Northamptonshire, England
Died aged thirty-one in 1572 in Somme, Picardie, France (to be confirmed)

Reverend William Wells

13th great grandfather

Born in 1566 in Norwich, Norfolk, England
Died aged fifty-four on May 26th, 1620 in Norwich, Norfolk, England

Married for about nineteen years in 1600, to


Born in 1580
Died aged thirty-nine in 1619 in Norwich, Norfolk, England

Reverend William Wells 1556-1620 became an ordained Priest about 1590, and in 1598 became Rector (or Minister) of St. Peter of Mancroft's Church, Norwich, England. On September 28th, 1613 Mr. Wells, became Chaplain to Queen Anne of Denmark, wife of King James VI and was appointed to the First Prebend in Norwich Cathedral. It is one of five in the patronage of the Crown. 

 St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, England 

The bronze plaque on the floor, to the side of the font of Reverend William Wells inside St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, England. 

Reverend William Wells 1556-1620 the plaque inscription;

This Tomb is sacred to the learning, virtue, and memory of that most eloquent and beloved man, Mr. William Welles, Bachelor in Sacred Theology, Rector of this Church, and prebendary of the Cathedral Church; who after thirty years spent in this famous city with the highest praise, in great sanctity of life and suavity of manners, together with notable and unwearied diligence in pastoral work, - full of good report, and beloved by all good men, - prematurely for the Church of God, but happily for himself, fell asleep in the Lord, in the certain hope of resurrection, May 26, A. D. 1620, in the 54th year of his age.

John Wells

12th great grandfather

Born in 1583 in Norwich, Norfolk, England
Died aged sixty-two in 1657 in St. Mary’s Co. Maryland, USA

Married for about nineteen years in 1616
Emigrated to Maryland, USA in 1634

Elizabeth Myntern 

Born in 1596 in Unknown
Died aged thirty-nine in 1635 in Unknown (Family arrived to Maryland the year prior)

Thomas Wells

11th great grandfather

Born in 1620 in Norwich, Norfolk, England
Died aged sixty-two in 1682 in Prince George's County, Maryland, USA

Married for about thirty-six years in 1646, to
Emigrated to Maryland, USA in 1634/5

Elizabeth Mellows

Born in 1620 in England
Died aged sixty-two in 1682 in Prince George's County, Maryland, USA

Thomas Duckett Wells

10th great grandfather

Born on September 5th, 1653 in Queen Anne, Prince George's, Maryland, USA
Died aged sixty-five on September 26th, 1718 in Queen Anne, Prince George's, Maryland, USA

Married for forty years in 1678 in Queen Anne’s Town, Prince Georges, Maryland, USA to,

Frances Smith

Born about 1657 in Queen Anne, Prince George's, Maryland, USA
Died aged seventy-six on October 31st, 1733 in Queen Anne, Prince George's, Maryland, USA

Thomas Duckett Wells 1653-1718

On January 26th, 1696, Thomas Wells, planter, purchased 200 acres called "Strife" in Calvert Co. Maryland on the west side of the Patuxent River. The land was surrounded by the following owners: Francis Swanstone, Edward Isaak, and Henry Darnell, Esq. He later acquired an adjoining property called "Something" that was in the Patuxent Hundred of Prince George's Co.

Sometime around 1696 he was a member of the Grand jury regarding the petition of Philip Clarke and his subsequent disbarment. In July, 1696 he was found guilty of assaulting Thomas Swareingen. He was sentenced to pay a fine and post a bond to guarantee good behavior. 

In November, 1697, "he was paid a bounty for one wolves head." He was a Grand Jury member. He was subpoenaed in March, 1698 to testify that Elizabeth Plummer (also a grandparent of Rachel) sent a Servant to steal onions, cabbage and bacon from him. (Record, Liber 3, folio 27)

On March 28th, 1698 he became drunk and was caught fighting, again noted in the courts. By September 29th, 1699, all was forgiven as he once again served on a jury. He and Thomas Pelle were appointed overseers of the Patuxent Hundred. He witnessed a deed in Prince George's Co in 1703; on jury Dec, 1702, and Nov 1703.

In Queen Anne's Vestry minutes of April 7, 1707, Thomas Wells, Sr. was appointed vestryman. In 1714 he witnessed the boundary lines of an adjoining tract of land where the records state "Thomas Wells, Sen. aged about sixty one years." (Maryland, Chancery Record, Liber 3, folio 27) 

In his will probated January 5th, 1718/19, he gives his land for life to his wife, Frances. He then divided it amongst 4 sons; Thomas, Nathan, Robert and Joseph. He gave son George five shillings and slaves for his four daughters. (C-575) The low amount of money he gave to his son George could be explained by his son's cohabitation with his married neighbor, Susannah Swanson Ward according to Queen Anne's Vestry Minutes, Apr. 112, 1719. George and Susannah were married at Queen Annes on June 16, 1725. 

Burial aSt. Paul's Episcopal Parish, Baden, Prince George's County, Maryland, USA

Joseph Wells

9th great grandfather

Born on September 30th, 1697 in Prince George's, Maryland, USA
Died aged sixty-one in 1758 in Orange County, North Carolina, USA

Married for thirty-four years on April 11th, 1721 in Davidsonville, Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA to,

Margaret Swanson

Born in 1705 in in Prince George's, Maryland, USA
Died aged forty-five in 1750 in Orange County, North Carolina, USA

Rachel Wells

8th great grandmother

Born on May 3rd, 1720 in Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA
Died aged fifty-one on December 23rd, 1771 in Newberry, South Carolina, USA

Married for thirty-four years in 1737, to

Born November 4th, 1716 in Nottingham, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
Died aged seventy-three on June 8th, 1790 in Newberry, South Carolina, USA

U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935

Rachel  (Wells) Wright 1720-1771 was a frontier Quaker woman of some note prior to the American Revolution. She was born in the tidewater of Maryland. Her parents were not Quakers, but they became so several years after she did. They came from radical Puritan stock as well as that of Catholic refugees seeking religious freedom in the tolerant colony of Maryland under Lord Baltimore. 

Rachel  (Wells) Wright’s ancestors were land owners and tobacco farmers. Most owned slaves. Rachel was born during the time her father, Joseph Wells, was farming land in Anne Arundel County belonging to his brother's stepson. The Wells's must have returned to the family plantation in Prince George County in the valley of the Monocacy River in what is now Frederick County, Maryland. The Monocacy River flows south through the rolling farm land of now Frederick County, Maryland. Their land, a 40-acre tract known as Boyling Spring, was on the Tuscarora Creek which flows directly into the Potomac.

Among the early settlers of the Monocacy were Quakers from East Nottingham township in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Though not Friends themselves the Wells family became identified with this Quaker community, and all three of their children married Quakers. Rachel married about 1737 to John Wright, the son of James and Mary Wright, by whom she had sixteen children. Rachel joined the Society of Friends at the time of her marriage and subsequently became a prominent Quaker minister. 

Wells Family Home at Snow Camp, NC

Happy genealogy researching,

-Kiki Nakita-

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