Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Few Little January Updates

Good morning my dears,

Here's a few little January updates that I'd like to remember. 


Earlier this month we traded in one of our his and hers Ford Escapes for a new to us, Mercedes. We had no intention of buying a new to us car, but after power walking around the lot we found this Mercedes E3500 that had only one previous owner, no car facts incidents, low mileage, and a reasonable price. To say my hubby is chuffed is an understatement. 


We went on a date night to Fahrenheit, for Charlotte Restaurant Week. We had a delightful time, especially with the view of the Charlotte skyline. 

Back in the day, when my hubby and I first met he worked in a lot of foodie related businesses; Savor the Flavor, Taste of Home, as well as doing food photography for a magazine called Taste. We'd get to go on dates, order whatever we wanted, he'd photograph the food, then we'd get to eat. Best of all, we'd receive tip top service as his business partner wrote restaurant reviews. 


We went to our first appointment at Carolinas Fertility Institute on January 22nd. Since then we've been getting our paperwork notarized and bloodwork done. My AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) testing of ovarian reserve came back at 2.27 which is normal. Yay! 


Kiki Nakita

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