Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rediscoving A Hobby

For many years I kept a sketchbook filled with torn out pages from my favorite glossy magazines, sharing my passions for family, food, dream homes and inspirational women.

I usually group images on a two page spread, and they co-ordinate. It is my inspiration, filled with dream homes with enormous kitchens, adorable pooches and al fresco dining. So tonight after a year break on working at my sketchbook I completed more pages. I watched HGTV, sipped on lemon tea and basked in the time I had to myself.

I would encourage anyone whom reads this, to maybe appreciate an old hobby. Life sometimes gets in the way, and when we go through life changes, it is those hobbies which give us fulfillment and who could be better company than you.

Before Pinterest.

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