Sunday, June 5, 2011



Need I say more?

I turned twenty-five last week, and although I'm now one step older, I'm still young.

I work forty hours a week, and by Sunday my day off I'm exhausted.

I also suffer greatly from dizziness, get lightheaded and constantly am thirsty.

So do I have a problem? Or is it the lifestyle we're led to lead.

We have a society of haves and have-nots. Both wishing they had something the other group had.

More time for the haves and more money for the have-not's.


All we really need is balance, you know...that old fashioned balance, like it used to be in the early 1950's so they say.

Where we get to wake up peacefully, and indulge in the most important meal of the day.

Instead, we're rushing through traffic hoping to get to work on time, or at least before anyone notices that it's 9:08am.


What happened to the chit-chat during our coffee breaks? They got filled with skipped breaks, or a constant necessity to check our Facebook updated on our iPhone's.

By lunchtime you recognize the haves and the have-nots yet again. Those who go for lunch, with friends of course, Or those who microwave a meal.

Others skip lunch altogether, worried about their figures or about the work they hadn't caught up on all morning.

As the end of the workday looms, we cannot wait to go home.


The place we have to continually clean, is our safe haven. It is here we dig through the fridge looking for dinner inspiration.

Others order in, really healthy.

Well if your like me, then you pass out, exhausted, and wake up to the same old day again


To all the tired people in the world.

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