Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winner, Spokane for a day and ETSY

Yes, I won!

I was at the Tri-Cities Business Expo late last week when I heard my name announced overhead...

"Kiki Nakita, of Kiki Nakita Lifestyle Design, you have won a years free membership to MedStar."

Huh, I won? Yippee! Here was me hoping for a gift basket, but instead I got a years free membership.

Well if ever I need a helicopter ride, or ambulance ride this year I'm covered.

Let's hope I don't.

In other all exciting news...we drove up to Spokane for the day.

Cory and I dropped the dogs off at his parents and we went to 'The Campbell House' for a photo shoot and tour.

Campbell House

The photos will be in our Home-made Holiday issue of around November 30th.

Also, while in Spokane Cory and I visited 'The Davenport Hotel' and World Market where I bought some crackers...not the type you eat, but the ones you pull at the dinner table around Christmas time.

Then we had a pleasant dinner with friends Lainey and Steve at Tomato Street. Highly recommended if your in the area. They have a new business called Liquid Transformations.

In other news, I have been working on packages to put in my ETSY account that has been sitting empty, hopefully it will be up and running here shortly.

Keep well,

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