Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Madness

This month has been a busy month. Hence the name March Madness. But here is a glimpse at our pets lives, they really do keep me busy.
Oscar, is a very active 3 year old. He really loves to join in on the fun, and this often leaves him so exhausted, that he takes lot's of naps. He likes to keep warm amongst cushions, or by the heater.
Milly, is precious. She has the prettiest little feet. She has also become very accustomed to a comfortable life and naps on my pillow most of the day. Every night she greets us as we head upstairs, and then does her laps. Yes, laps...she runs so fast, all over the top floor of the house. She also adores my childhood soft toy Sally, and her little white mouse 'whitie'.
Boo, is timid, but has warmed up so much. She is the chattiest, and often likes to show us her scratcher or toys. She loves her blanky, and any kind of hair accessories. If you ever need a hair tie, ask Boo...and seriously, I've looked all over and I have no idea where she hides them.
Yeah, that's me. daydreaming about something. Cory takes photos of me at the funniest of times.
Okay, back to Oscar, and his sister Sophie. They are like two peas in a pod. They love on each other so much, and we've really taught them to share. They can be very, very good...
...and very, very, funny at the same time. Ha ha. These pictures crack me up, look at Oscar's face as he gets tickled by sister.
Buster, also known as Buster P.Kitten is our resident mischief. He can annoy his daddy by chewing through cables and oftentimes his punishment is a hug from me. He sees me get up and starts running. Ha ha. He's most lovey in the mornings, and oftentimes will ask for attention, by sitting right in front of you.
He also took up a job recently, typing on the side...
...when he's not busy working, he loves to lounge, play with Oscar or his green toys ralphie and greenie. He also loves to sit outside. The bench he's sitting on here is in our kitchen. We call it Buster's bench, because when Cory was finishing some seams underneath, Buster...the star left a paw print. We've left it just the way it is.
So, a reason for the madness...we're moving in April. So, we've been busy getting our home, pets, car, and selves organized. Also, we have a calender full of social engagements...never been so busy. Anyways, that's why we bought some carriers, to transport our pets. Now Buster, thought they were great.
Sophie however, wasn't sure at first. We came back from the store, and she gave us this look. Ha ha. But when she realized her and brother would have to share, she was pretty happy about it.
Sophie, is such a goody two shoes. She likes to play, but also keeps her brothers in line. She's pretty caring and loves on her sisters when she sees them also. If ever you cry, or feel concerned...she's the one (Oscar sometimes also) who comes and comforts. She loves trips, and goes on dates with her daddy often to the bank, the store or to run an errand. She also loves dinnertime and her brother lot's and lot's.
We still can't believe Boo likes her carrier.
So, from our home to yours...happy March amongst the madness.

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