Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

...with a rosemary tree. Jealous, much?
Ha ha. The perks of traveling around the country and having all our stuff in storage (on the other side of the country, mind you). So this years theme is:
drum roll....please!
Simplicity! And, I'm pleased to report it has been a lot less stressful, and more about giving.
My mom, and sister beat us to it and sent this box of nicely wrapped gifts from England. It arrived in 6 sharp days.
Which is an improvement on a letter we sent certified to Germany. It left the US after 3 days, but has been in limbo for 3-4 weeks in customs.
We've been putting together a parcel for my mom, sister and in-laws, and hope to mail them off soon. Also, we got our cards printed, and will mail those out to those on our list.
How your preparations going?

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