Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Story of the McAuley Family

The McAuley family is on my husband's paternal line, from Monagahn, Ireland. They came to the US in 1819 and settled in Ogdensburg, NY.

Reverend James McAuley
5th great-grandfather

b. Monagahn, Ireland in 1792
e. Emigrated to the US in 1819
m. Margaret in Ogdensburg, NY after 1821
d.  December 10th, 1867 in Ogdensburg, NY

This is the family history document I have detailing the life of James McAuley and his son Duncan Turner McAuley.

page 1

page 2
Reverend Duncan Turner McAuley
4th great-grandfather

b. May 16th, 1826 in Ogdensburg, New York
m. Margaret on January 1st or December 29th, 1845 in Randolph, IL
d. March 11th, 1892 in Americus, KS

The Reverend Duncan Turner McAuley and his beloved wife Margaret.
Location of the 40 acres of land that the McAuley's bought in 1848.

George Carroll McAuley
3rd great-grandfather

b. 1854 in Emporia, KS
m. Ida on December 31st, 1883 in Emporia, KS
d. 1911 in Americus, KS

George Carroll McAuley and his beloved wife Ida Ellon Flack from the group photo below. Their daughter Martha Caroline McAuley is the baby on the bottom left born in 1886.

Martha "Pink" Caroline McAuley
2nd great-grandmother

b. September 19th, 1886 in Americus, KS
m. Curtis on August 18th, 1909 in Americus, KS
d. March 5th, 1961 in Americus, KS

Martha is the last McAuley in the family tree as she married into the Wright family. She deserves a post all on it's own as she gathered much of the previous family history on the McAuley and Thompson family trees. We have hundreds of photographs, notes, diary entries and newspaper clippings that we've compiled.  

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