Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hodgepodge and Shania Twain's Rock This Country Tour

Good morning my dears, I'm joining in with the hodgepodge today, let's get started!
Is your home air conditioned? If it's not air conditioned, is that by choice? Did you grow up with air conditioning? If not how did you cope with the heat? Share about a time or place you remember as being too hot-the temperature kind of hot, lest anyone be confused.
Yes, thankfully my home is air conditioned. Growing up in England we didn't have air conditioning, as it was only ever needed if there was a heat wave. We would open the back door and windows and create a breezeway.
What's something in your life right now that falls under the heading 'up in the air'?
For about two years now my hubby and I have been working on our family history. However, my paternal grandfathers line is a brick wall. Whether the elder members of the family share is up in the air. To them it's rather akin to airing dirty laundry.
Your favorite light and airy dessert?

One of our favorite desserts is a fruit salad which is often on our table during the summer time. I also try to bake a cake as our treat about once a week (270 calories prepared) and I try decorate with fruit from the farmers market. If we have an unexpected visitor I always have cake to offer with tea and coffee.
This week I made strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and a blueberry crown.

When did you last feel like you were 'floating on air'?

On Sunday night at the Shania Twain concert. We were in the front row above the 'important people boxes' and I felt like I was floating above an audience, with fog and lights to boot.
Airport, airmail, airtight, airhead...which have you most recently encountered? Explain.

Airport, as we fly many times throughout the year. I spent many hours of my childhood at small airports and actually worked at my dad's aviation business during my breaks in college. 
Have you ever been to the Alps? If so where did you go? If not, is this a destination on your must-see list? If you were headed that direction this summer, which of the following would be your preferred activity...a gentle walk, a serious walk, a bike ride, a boat ride around one of the lakes, or summer snow skiing?

Oh, how I wish. If I were visiting the Alps I'd want to wear dresses akin to The Sound of Music and dance in the hills.
What is one saying or phrase that was considered 'cool' when you were growing up?

Larney. It's a slang word for posh.
Insert your own random thought here.

On Sunday, my hubby and I had a date night into the city. Firstly, we had a delicious dinner at The Ashbury a modern Southern restaurant in the Dunhill Hotel.


After dinner we went to Shania Twain's Rock This Country concert. It's her first in eleven years, and her last. It was awesome!

Many thanks for visiting. Hope you have a good week,
~ Kiki Nakita ~
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Joyce said...

I used to love Shania Twain! How fun to see her show in person! Thanks for joining the HP today : )

Wendy said...

Dropping by from the Hodgepodge. That sounds like a great night out and the cake looks delicious.

A Joyful Chaos said...

How fun to be able to go to a Shania Twain concert!

Mary said...

Shania is a blond now? I've never heard the term "larney" before...cultural differences! :)

Cranberry Morning said...

Sounds like you had quite a memorable date night!

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