Tuesday, August 29, 2017

In Memory Of Diana, Princess Of Wales

Diana Frances Spencer
b. July 1st, 1961 d. August 31st, 1997

married from July 29th, 1981 to August 28th, 1996 for fifteen years to

Prince Charles Philip Arthur George
b. November 14th, 1948

Children: William b. June 21st, 1982 and Henry "Harry" b. September 15th, 1984

Grandchildren: George b. July 22nd, 2013 Charlotte b. May 2nd, 2015

Good morning my dears.

Today, is the twentieth anniversary since Diana, Princess of Wales went home to the LORD. So, as a tribute, I thought I'd share some pictures we took earlier this summer, around what would've been her fifty-sixth birthday in the grounds of Kensington Palace, which she nicknamed "KP".

The Kensington Palace tea rooms and gift shop.

This year, the historic sunken gardens were planted in a simple white flora. Here's a list of all the flowers planted.

Memories from August 31st, 1997

The night before Diana, Princess of Wales died in a fatal car accident my sister and I had a sleepover in the living room. We were bundled up in our duvets, and makeshift beds from feather pillows.
Early the next morning, I turned on the television to watch one of my favorite cartoons, Madeline. Instead, channel, after channel had news reports that Diana, Princess of Wales was in a serious car accident.
Less than an hour later, I heard the news that she had died. She was four months younger than my mum, so to say I was in shock, is an understatement.

So I frantically ran into my mums bedroom and said: “Princess Diana is dead”. I have never seen my mum wake up so fast, taking a second to decide on my credibility. She leapt out of bed, put on her nightgown and walked into the living room where the news station repeated "Diana, Princess of Wales, died, aged 36..."
In the days, weeks, and months afterwards I think everyone was in shock, and because she was so young, I think that's why twenty years on she is still well-remembered.

Kiki Nakita

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Lea said...

I remember it like it was yesterday, so very sad. And, I'm quite certain the last years of her life were quite sad as well. Lovely pictures!

Nadia Marie said...

Lovely tribute, Kiki! I remember the day I heard the news, I was in Brooklyn visiting my Aunt Norma and could not believe what I was hearing on the radio. It was so sad. I remember crying and thinking about her sons, especially since Prince William and I are only 11 months apart in age and I kept thinking how hard a time I would have losing my mother at that time in my life. It hit really close to my heart and I loved the example of Princess Diana. She will forever be our Princess.

Carla from The River said...

I remember, I remember thinking of her boys. This is a lovely way to remember her. Thank you for sharing.

likeschocolate said...

I so need to put visiting Kennsington on my next trip to England. Thanks for sharing. Still remember watching her wedding as a little girl and then remember her dealth like it was yesterday. Still so shocking.

Decor To Adore said...

I still miss Princess Diana. She was such a gift to the world. You captured her home and gardens beautifully.
Have a wonderful week!

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