Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Bye Bye Babies and Royal Baby

Good afternoon my dears. 

I've been missing in action these past few weeks. We've had a few of the busiest weeks in a long, long, time. Then so much happens that it can get overwhelming to know where to start. Sometimes, you just have to start to start, so here goes. 

During the months of January, February, March and April I was undergoing the process of IVF with ICSI. As many of you know, we've had unexplained infertility for almost four years, yet every test hasn't found the reason why we haven't been able to conceive.

Everyone takes this journey differently. At first we were extremely private, but over time I've made many, many friends who have a story about infertility to share. This week, is national infertility awareness week and the numbers are staggering. 1 in 8. That means that someone you sit beside in church, someone you see in the post office line, in the grocery store line, etc. has had some sort of experience with infertility.

lmost all the woman I sit besides at the fertility clinic say; "Our family and friends don't know". Not everyone has family, or friends who can empathize and be supportive. Yet these women are some of the strongest I've ever met. Encouraging, caring, and thoughtful about how they discuss and share their stories. Lending and ear and validating each others experiences is especially important.

Thankfully, the medications (Lupron, Gonal F, Menopur, HCG, Progesterone) didn't cause any unwanted side effects. Mostly bruising and muscle aches if I stood or walked for too long. Here are a few blurry cell phone snaps I took along our journey:


Vaginal Ultrasounds (Yep! Its reality)

Not everyone shares their numbers, but I'm an open book, as I hope it makes someone else who is going through this realize we're all different. Plus reading forums can sometimes make things seem a little more complicated than they really need to. 


15 follicles
10 eggs retrieved
9 viable
7 fertilized
6 8-cell embryos
3 blastocyst embryos

Every day we got a call from our RE (reproductive endocrinologist) with how many embies (embryos) made it to the next day, along with a picture of their development. I remember we were having brunch at First Watch when we learned that 6 embies made it to 8-cell embryos. That was a joyful day. 

We had 2 embryos (fraternal twins) implanted, but sadly we lost them at 4 weeks into their development. We have one more waiting on us, but decided to take a break until this summer, so my bruises would have a chance to heal. 

Thankfully, we're patient, we're at peace, and we have hope

In much happier news, we are delighted with the arrival of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby boy.  Goodness gracious me, I have a lot of congratulations cards to write with all the happy royal news of late. 

Kiki Nakita

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Sherry said...

I am so thankful you are sharing your journey with the world. I think more people should appreciate just what a miracle pregnancy is. Even when it seems like it is "easy" to get pregnant, people need to recognize that what is going on in their bodies is anything but easy and simple. It makes you wonder just how many fertilized eggs don't make it past those first few days. You know? I bet the numbers are mind-blowing...and God knows every one! My heart is breaking for the ones you have lost at this time. You are definitely a strong woman although I also understand that we are strong because we have to be sometimes. We really don't have much of a choice, do we? I pray that your body heals in the coming months and that the summer will allow you to feel refreshed and renewed in your body and spirit. I know that you are extremely busy not just with this journey but also with the new house and getting it all set up and decorated beautifully. I really can't wait to see it! Hugs and prayers, my beautiful friend! <3

Decor To Adore said...

Keeping you in prayer sweet friend. Happy birthday to your sweet furry sweetheart.

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