Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Monumental Moments

Good afternoon my dears,

Lately, we've had a lot of what I like to call monumental moments, moments that are meaningful and worth remembering and celebrating.

Moved into our Farmhouse 

We received the keys to our farmhouse on March 22nd, the day this picture was taken. In the weeks after, the trees surrounding the house started to bloom and now we're shaded from the midday sunshine under a canopy of leaves. The views out of every window, has to be one of my favorite things about moving further out into the countryside. So peaceful. 

40th Anniversary of Joining the Rhodesian Air Force

This year would've been the 40th anniversary of my dad joining the Rhodesian Air Force. He served from 1978-1982 and it shaped his future decades-long career in avionics. In 1989, when I was aged three, my Dad co-founded Inter Avionics where he worked for almost twenty-five years, until passing away aged fifty-four in 2013.

Pictured. Far left, on bended knee. 

Also pictured is my Uncle Buffy, who along with my Aunt Diana, recently attended a 40th reunion in South Africa. While there they got together with family and longtime family friends. My Aunt Diana kindly sent me this picture, of the Chomse family whom I've known my whole life.

Left to right: Unknown, unknown, Isa, Alf (who was my dad's business partner at Inter Avionics, Serena, Miskar (my dad's godson), Alf's mom. 

13th Anniversary in the United States

On May 5th, we celebrated my 13th year in the United States. As of last year, I've now lived in the United States longer than I lived in South Africa (8 years) or England (11 years). 

What monumental moment have you recently celebrated?

Have a blessed week,
Kiki Nakita

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Pamela said...

Those certainly are some monumental moments. Congratulations on the house and on your 13th anniversary here in the USA. That's an interesting fact about your father - I'm sorry for your loss, he was so young.

Sherry said...

So many big monumental moments. I so wish Eddie and I would have documented our move-in processes better...especially the first house we purchased. That was so long ago before we were really active on social media and definitely before blogging. Your videos are so cute and will be treasures for years I am sure. They also make moving look effortless. Haha! Even hiring movers to help, our last two moves have been anything but peaceful...probably why I documented none of it. It felt like we were in a bit of a rush both times. The movers doing it all in one day packing up and then unloading at a new place in one day. Throw some kids in the mix and well, it gets crazy. I am so glad you are getting all settled into your beautiful home and hope you are enjoying some peaceful and calm days as I know the last few weeks and months have also had their share of tough times physically and emotionally. I am sending you my prayers every day for peace and comfort as God's plan is already in motion. Oh and I didn't know your father had passed away so young. I am so very sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful man and father! Hugs, sweet friend!

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