Thursday, November 8, 2018

Cory's 37th Birthday in Mayberry

Good afternoon my dears, 

We recently celebrated Cory's 37th birthday in Mount Airy, NC aka Mayberry. 

Here he is pictured outside the English Tudor, Sobotta Manor Bed and Breakfast, where we stayed.

Gertrude Smith House

Nestled amongst the tall oak and ash trees is the Gertrude Smith House. It's resident, Gertrude Smith, was an interior designer, who graduated from design school in New York City. After her Dad's passing, she moved back to her family home and ran the family businesses. She was a woman born ahead of her time. Interested in preservation and ensuring her family home wasn't torn down, she founded the Gilmer-Smith foundation, whose board of directors would oversee the perpetual care. Her home is now a living museum, free to people like you and me to tour. Definitely a highlight of our trip.

Can you tell how excited I was?

LuRosa Atkins House 

Situated minutes from downtown, the LuRosa Atkins house is a private residence that is sometimes available to tour. We got to have a peek inside and see their large collection of stained glass windows. 

Trinity Episcopal

On Sunday, we attended this Episcopal parish, which has graced Mount Airy since 1896. Seeing the Common Book of Prayer line the pews made me feel as if I was back in my quaint village church in England. 

Mount Airy aka Mayberry

Pictured here is the copper clock which strikes on the hour - every hour.

Andy Griffiths Museum

Born in Mount Airy, NC in 1926. The town was the inspiration behind the wholesome Andy Griffiths Show. The museum had a lot of artifacts from his life which preserve his legacy. We also drove past his modest childhood home which is available for weekly vacation rental.


Our home video from Cory's 37th birthday weekend.

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