Monday, February 4, 2019

My To-Do List and Planner

Good morning my dears,

Today, I thought I'd talk to you about my to-do list and planner.

I may be thirty-two, but unlike most thirty-two year olds, I don't care for anything on my phone to organize my to-do's or my engagements. There's always a notebook beside me, as well as my 2019 planner, and my to-do lists, which I like to update at the beginning of every month. 

This years 2019 planner is lavender and leather bound. I most likely got it during one of our date nights at Barnes and Noble. I use the monthly outlook pages to write down birthdays, important dates, and appointments. Typically, I try to find one day out activity to do during the weekend, and one or two date night activities to do during the weeknights. Oftentimes, I write down things we did after the event has happened, to preserve the memory. 

My to-do lists are a one page, Word document. One half for my hubby and the other half for me. I use accoutrements from my favorite author, Susan Branch, and my own handwriting which I turned into a font.  

Its taken many years for my to-do lists to be this small and manageable. Almost all are enjoyable things which I'd like to do to preserve our family history. I try to pick one thing a week and work on in-between my morning, afternoon, and evening routines, and I stop working as soon as my hubby comes home. 

I've often felt that if I'm feeling overwhelmed by how much I have to do, writing it all down is a good place to start. It helps to clear the mind. My mantra is the line sung by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music; "Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start." 

Tell me about your to-do lists. What do you do to organize your to-do's and engagements?

-Kiki Nakita-


Carla from The River said...

I do organize my To Do Lists... much the same as you. And I LOVE Susan Branch too. I was gifted one of her calendars.
Happy February,

Lea said...

I have a "to do" list everyday of my life and I think it makes me so much more productive. I also keep a calendar outside my Outlook calendar. I like to look at a wall calendar and see mine and Hubby's appointments and activities in front of me. How neat that you converted your own handwriting to a font.

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