Thursday, May 2, 2019

Oregon Coast

Good afternoon my dears,

We recently went on a trip to Oregon for Easter with Cory's family (family pictures to come in an upcoming post). After visiting with family, we drove the scenic Pacific coastal route from Florence to Newport along the Oregon Coastal Highway. Its a breathtaking drive. 

- Video -
Grab yourselves a cup of tea and enjoy scenes of our adventure up the Oregon Coast. 

Thank you for stopping by. 

-Kiki Nakita-

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Carla from The River said...

FUN FUN!! I loved your stash of Salt Water Taffy for the road trip. The sea lions were fun too.
It looked like the wild flowers were in bloom along the coast.

Sherry said...

Oh no, Kiki, you cannot eat fish and chips with anything but malt vinegar. Haha! When you stop by here, we may have to eat at a little marina restaurant down here close to our house. It looks a lot like Mo's. :-) The main park in Savannah has one of those doggy drinking fountains. It looks so similar. Or we could meet you guys in Bluffton SC to eat at the Salty Dog Cafe. I don't really love saltwater tardy, but they give you awesome peppermint ones. :-) Your pictures and videos are always so beautiful and inspiring, and I love how much fun you and Cory have together. Your laughs are the best! I always wonder how cold the water is up in Oregon and Washington. Elusive killer gerbils...hahahaha! Cory is too funny!

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