Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An ideal day

An ideal day for me would start with sleeping in, then sitting to a beautifully laid out breakfast, sipping warm tea while watching the likes on Kathie Lee and Hoda on the today show. Sometimes when I don’t have classes I also enjoy long conversations with my mom over Skype.

Then taking a long relaxing shower and getting ready for a walk if the weather is nice, or Pilates if the weather is not as good. Also I then make sure my apartment is nice and tidy, except for my office table which has un surmountable paperwork.

Then I prepare myself for my days three goals to achieve. Usually I try and write my three goals for the next day the night before. It is an achievable number, too little and I’ll feel un accomplished and too many feels overwhelming.

On days I’m in class or at school I try and stay later, if needed to fulfill my daily goals. On days I’m not in school I am usually working, so I prepare myself to leave early and arrive on time.
By the end of a day I enjoy having dinner, winding down to the likes of Little People Big World, Dateline MSNBC, Meet the Kardashians, 18 Kids and counting and countless others as well as catching up with friends alike online.

In my spare time, what little of it I do have I enjoy reading all my subscriptions, having some much liked beauty time and either having friends around or going for lunch to catch up with friends.

What is your perfect day?

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Nadia Marie said...

Your ideal day sounds very nice, Kiki! I think for me it depends on the day and what I've got going on but an ideal day would probably involve sleeping in and waking up to a nice long brunch with some NPR in the background, afterwhich I would take a shower and set out for a walk with my camera in hand snapping photos of all I see. Then off to relax with some tea and a movie while editing my photos would be the best bet. I also enjoy getting together with friends to cook or going out to lunch and the like. I almost always end my days with a movie. Yesterday I watched "Grease" which was fun! Tonight...no clue but tomorrow night I will be watching the second part of Emma on PBS.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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