Monday, March 15, 2010

Relaxing after a whirlwind past few weeks

Good evening everyone. I am enjoying a day of relaxation, after what has been a whirlwind past few weeks. Actually as I was perched on the edge of my seat while on the phone with my mom, I said to her;

“I cannot even remember the last time I had a day to myself”.

I have been awaking diligently going to classes, volunteering, attending events, babysitting and interning all day-every day for this past month. So, I’m delighted I could take this day to myself, and hope to encourage readers also to once in awhile decide to do the same.

"At my side is my newly adopted cat Milly. She is
an adorable white tabby with a perfect pink nose. I enjoy her calm nature and
company when she joins me on the couch after a busy day."

I have also had several dates with a charming guy. We met for the first time on February 27th, a crisp Saturday evening for dinner at PF Chang’s at Bridgeport Village. It was an instant connection as I walked toward him, so much so we flirted the entire night. After dinner he drove me to 23rd Avenue, in downtown Portland for drinks at Bar Mingo, a cocktail later and I decided to return home.
The following day, for our second date, we were supposed to meet for a walk along the South Waterfront, except I had just adopted Milly, and so instead he came to see my cat, and we dined at a Linn City Pub, which afterwards we decided to embark on a walk through the Mary S. Young park. We walked down to the river, and sat still on a broken tree stump, watching the ‘still’ of the night. Geez, just like in the movies.

For our third date on March 4th, after a spending my day interning, he came over to my place to cook shanghai chicken for me, we shared a nice bottle of wine and chatted long into the night. It was that night; we decide our next date would be a complete surprise to me.

Surprise, on the Saturday, he took me to the Pittock Mansion. It is a beautiful estate with meandering walks and panoramic views of the city, afterwards we decided on trying a new restaurant called Arabian Nights. We sat on the floor and shared two entrees, while sipping some divine sage tea. In our pictures, don’t we look adorable?

When we decided to do Sunday as well, we cooked lunch together, then watched a chick flick, ‘The Ugly Truth’ I did however fall asleep, while watching the movie, so afterwards I treated him to lattes, and a trip to World Market, where we could shop for one of a kind items.

Unfortunately, the proceeding week I was tired after finals, so when I greeted him in my untidy sweatshirt and jeans, while yawning he must have had a shock, as it was a completely different side to me, one he hadn’t seen before. We bought ingredients for pizza, which he made despite me wanting to help, and so I realized, being tired, and short is not ideal for a ‘date night’.

"So what do we will do next, we’ll see. But
fortunately, with my Spring Break, I can finally catch up with things I’ve meant
to do for awhile."

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Jenny said...

Kiki, you look so cute in those pictures!!! How are you? I was excited to see you on my blog. ;) How is everything going? it sounds like you are on your way to a good start with that handsome man. Any how so good to see you on here and i hope that you are doing well. love Jenny

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