Sunday, May 2, 2010

Feng Shui in the bedroom

How blissful would it be to have a beautiful bedroom like the one here from house to home I like the calming effects. Amongst popular blogs and helpful sites I found some top Feng Shui tips and aim to give them a go, perhaps it would aid better sleep, we'll see.

Top Tips:

  1. Remove your TV, any electrical devices (well besides your alarm clock) and any exercise equipment.

  2. Open your windows daily and allow fresh air to roam the room, another hint was not to use indoor plants in the bedroom, however fresh cut flowers from your garden, or if your lucky 'from someone special' will give your bedroom a blossoming aroma.

  3. Invest in good lighting. You need lower wattage lamps next to your bedside, and more task lights in your closet and near any shelving.

  4. Using color psychology and Feng Shui colors will give you more energy, aim for 'skin tones' from pale to darker.

  5. Decorate with art that represents you.

  6. Position your bed away from your door and balance it with nightstands. You can represent each persons personality with two different nightstands, such as oval and square. Also consider good quality sheets made of natural fibers.

  7. Close all doors, yes including your closet draws.

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