Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tired, who has time to sleep?

It's so late, undeniably a late 1:29pm. My roomie is out for the night and I am about to head to bed. I don't know if it's a 'lil' part that goes with thesis but most mornings I wake up tired already. I spoke with a friend over lunch last week and without avail she declared the same.

'That's even if you make it to bed'. This Thursday I went to bed at 8:00am, yes you read it right! I spent the whole evening working on my project and I was pleased with my outcome. Miss Milly, my pretty cat, and best friend helped me stay awake and at times sat right next to me. We eventually got to sleep at 8:00am and awoke back up at 8:33am and got ready and to class, via a coffee stop first OF COURSE! And surprisingly I was alert all day, did a presentation and a meeting but by 5pm...I fell asleep. Mission Accomplished!

Above: Elevation

Today, refreshed I took the day to troubleshoot my internet connection problems, and spent the better half of this afternoon on the phone with Mr. Comcast, I sorta got things back to the way I want then to be, but we'll see if those countless hours of figuring out firewalls and network cables payed off!

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