Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oldie humor and Darn it

Well, surprise surprise!

Guess who hasn't blogged on her blog in awhile? Well ahem...I'm not standing up any time soon.

Life has been interesting. Juggling to-do's seem to be a constant and decorating is an ever evolving project, balanced by effort and spare pennies we've found, you the piggy bank.

This morning I couldn't get up at all, even with a cup of coffee, a slither of danish pastry and well buttered toast besided me. I'm seriously wondering if I'm getting old, or if my body has a do not disturb clock.

9:20am rolled around and finally I got ready for my day. We headed to one of Cory's friends parents house so her younger brother could fix the brakes...

...but life, being life Cory forgot some papers at home on his way. So, I had to park my car, hop into his and go back home to pick up the darned paperwork...and then we were back on track.

After dropping off the car, we headed in my car to Cory's accountant to scratch some numbers. I waited in the lobby, reading the paper inserts for Jo-Ann's wondering if I should sneak the coupons or not. I didn't.


No, really I didn't.

Then we headed to Tuesday Morning's in search of something, nothing in particular. All we saw was aisle after aisle of Christmas decor. Oh, I had to get some damask paper napkins for the Fall, for special occasions of course {We use damask cloth napkins for day-to-day life}.

Then onto lunch at Azteca to share some delicious chicken fajitas...

After lunch, we headed to Pier 1 and home. I finally got Cory to put up our finial tie backs, found on sale at BB&B for $4 a pair...they look great, and our room is getting there, lot's still to do though.

Okay, off to dinner..and I'll leave you in suspense to find out where!

Oh, I almost forgot to share this funny website called 'The Problem With Young People Today Is'

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