Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you and your family enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day as much as we enjoyed ours.
The day before I made my first ever apple pie. I used Granny Smith apples, cinnamon, butter and brown sugar.
It was delish.
We didn't buy a full sized turkey, instead we chose some turkey tenders, they were quite large in size, so we shared one between us. I also prepared sweet potato mash, cranberry sauce, roasted butternut squash with a honey glaze and a broccoli pie. We also drank apple spiced tea, yum. I'm thankful that Cory helped me with the cooking preparations and setting up the dinner table.
It was cozy with candles lit.
Our table 2012.
After lunch we felt like a nap, but instead sipped on some coffee and watched some movies before getting ready to take our photo and to go visit with family and friends.
Cory and Kiki 2012
We went over to my dads for coffee and a chat, and stayed for awhile talking about food and travel. Afterwards we visited with Cory's friend Felicia just in time for pie. I tried the buttermilk and peach pie. Both were delicious.
We had a relaxing, day with good food, family and friends.

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