Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mid-Year [well sorta] Resolutions.

I have followed the blog Because I Said So for some time now, and one of Dawn's recent posts resonated with me.

Why, oh dang why would we only start resolutions on January 1st when we're doomed to fail. And that failure just brings on feelings of inadequacy.

Here are some for me:
  • Finish the family history book I started. The book is called Joining Branches and it combines mine and my fiances personal reflections on our family as far back as our grandparents.
  • Send Thanksgiving, or possibly Holiday cards out before the actual Holiday's arrive.
  • Prepare for my mom and sister's visit for the Holiday's.
  • Learn to relax now the elections are over. They seriously make me anxious and upset with all the public negativity, bantering and money spent on campaigns. I am happy with President Barack Obama, and the Democratic party. 
  • Focus on defining myself. I keep learning more about myself each and every day.
  • Find a way to conquer all my paper clutter. Seriously, the amount of junk mail is extraordinary.
  • Go for walks, to the movies and plays more. I always feel better after that.
  • Finish house projects so we can Move to Mass.
  • Get my websites for my personal work and my magazine completed.
Nothing much then. Well maybe a few other to-do's and housekeeping...but that's always going to be on my list. What about yours? What are your NOT New Years resolutions?

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