Thursday, January 3, 2013

Updates and Blogs Roll

So...drum roll please...Today I updated my website, my pages, my pictures and now my blog.
See, I'm on a roll.
Also, I found some other lovely blogs which I'd like to share with you.
The first is, The Charm of Home. Sherry has such adorable pictures, like this:
That you'll want to stay awhile and read, perhaps with a cup of tea.
A second favorite is, The Vintage Farmhouse. Nicki has such a knack for creating a home
inexpensively. Her home is light, bright, simple and has vintage finds displayed.
Beautiful, don't you think?
Also a friend of mine Nadia, started a new blog for the new year. It's called Walking in Beauty.
There are so many more.
Last but not least, I must share The Style Sisters. Oh my goodness, they are so creative, and take the
loveliest photos.
From this:
Happy updating and hope I didn't give you too many disruptions with all these blogs to check out :).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning my new blog. :)I adore the first image you posted from the first blog mentioned! I think I might just have to head over there and peruse a bit.

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