Thursday, July 11, 2013

In the Midst of July

Can you even believe we're in the midst of July? It seems that every month passes by, and I am still accepting that Spring has sprung and long past gone. Perhaps, it's because this year has been so busy I'm playing a lot of catch-up.
Our wedding is less than three weeks away, and we're having a simple backyard vintage ceremony, a delicious dinner for two, and then a sunset boat ride.
Wedding invitations
We met back in the Fall of 2010, for a labor day picnic. I was twenty-four had just graduated college for a second time and moved home with my dad. Cory was twenty-eight and had also graduated twice, and had his own home. We had decided on BBQ, but decided to order it from Famous Dave's and eat out in Columbia Point Park. We soon realised we both had a lot in common.
Outdoor tea table
After twenty months together, Cory proposed, on my twenty-sixth birthday at the beautiful Davenport Hotel. We had a delicious dinner by the fire, before I was guided by the hostess into the Marie Antoinette Ballroom, where at the end stood Cory with petals, shaped into a heart. He proposed, and it was the bestest birthday ever.

We've had a fourteen month engagement, and although we've know each other for three years, it somehow seems so much longer. This year has so much more to bring, and as long as we remember 'love is patience, love is kind'. We'll have a happy life.
So, as this month flies past I'll always remember my day. But please be still for a little while, July.

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