Saturday, January 4, 2014

What I learned in December

Today, I'm looking back at December. Here's some things I learned in December...
Sending and receiving cards is so much fun. Ours turned out a little brighter than I expected, but it resonated that we had a coastal Christmas.
This was our first Christmas away from both sides of our family, so we sent large packages to my mom and sister in England, and my in-laws in the Pacific Northwest. My sister and I love wrapping, and adding embellishments, so it's always fun unwrapping. I learned that extra effort is appreciated.

Packages from my sister

With all our Christmassy stuff in storage, we had to find ways to get into the spirit. We bought this little rosemary tree from Trader Joes, and decorated our table with Christmas crackers, and cards. We learned to make do, but I did miss having a bigger tree.

we also got a train set, that was a new addition this year.

There's something about the foods you ate growing up that remind you of Christmas. Growing up in the heart of England, I am accustomed to Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, Yorkshire Puddings, and lot's of my families recipes.

Trader Joes had Pain au Chocolate, which they named Chocolate Croissant. They were delicious. Mmmm!

And Harris Teeter had Christmas puddings. They were nice, but not quite like how my Nana used to make them.

Lastly, I learned to go with the flow. We're in the process of purchasing a home in the Queen City and maybe, just maybe next Christmas will be a big family get-together.

Hope you all had a happy December, and a Merry Christmas.

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