Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello Fresh

I received my Hello Fresh box today with a discounted coupon code. The first recipe I made was the Autumn Risotto with butternut squash. It took about 30 minutes to prepare. It's got a varied flavor and texture, and is quite rich with the parmesan cheese. It doesn't look like much when you first make it, but it is quite filling as you start to eat. I'll have leftovers for sure.
The second meal was the Parsnip and Carrot Gratin. I loved the taste of this dish, but probably would leave the thyme out next time as it is an acquired taste.

The last meal was the Brussels Sprout Crumble. I left out the thyme as I prepared this meal, and it was very rich in flavor. My hubby who usually doesn't even eat mushrooms even enjoyed this meal.
If you'd also like to try Hellofresh, you can use my coupon code S2FB95. I believe it's $40 off an order.
~Kiki Nakita ~
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