Thursday, July 26, 2018

Memories From Summertime 1997

Good afternoon my dears. 

This week, month, year has been fluttering by. Wouldn't you agree?

Today, I thought I'd take you back in time. I recently found this is a picture of my younger sister, Gigi, and me in northern France during our summer holidays in 1997.  The picture is a scanned copy through glass, which the print adhered itself to over the past two decades. 

At that time my Nana who was with us on the trip was 66, my Mum was 36, I was 11, and Gigi was 6. I remember declaring it the best year ever, and for whatever reason, I remember being my happiest self at that time. Cue the photos:

My Mum and Me. 

11 years old and wearing a hairband and jelly shoes. 

We were staying in the countryside on a holiday home site. These were some of other children, Gigi and me got to play with. 

A few weeks after this summer holiday, I started Kenilworth high school, and at the time it felt like everyday was going to be the same. As if time would stand still forever. But as we all know life flutters by, and all we have are treasured and preserved memories. 

I'd love to know, what are some of your favorite childhood summertime memories?

Kiki Nakita

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Pamela said...

We lived in Belgium during most of my childhood years and had a caravan at the beach. We would head up there every weekend from April to October and those days were full of the beach, building sandcastles, eating frites, and exploring the sand dunes. We would get up very early to run down to the beach to see the elderly fisherman who dragged a big net; he would let us pick out the little crabs and we'd keep them in a pail for a few hours and then return them to the sea. We were quite close to where the Dover-Ostend ferry docked and I can remember the exciting times when my aunt would come over from England to spend some of the summer holidays with us. Fun times, carefree times.

Nadia Marie said...

What a lovely post Kiki! My childhood memories are all good! In the summer of 1997 I moved from Charlottesville, VA to the area of Princeton, NJ and remember it as quite an adventure as I spent a lot of time between NJ & NYC that summer! I loved it! The only sad part about it was Lady Diana’s tragic death which really resonanted with me as a 16 year old. Her sons being fairly contemporary with me, her passing hit home in a big way.

Sherry said...

I love childhood memories like these. You definitely had some amazing adventures. This age resonated with me since my oldest is 11 now and I am just a couple years older than your mom was. I think 11 to 12 probably were "golden" years for me too. My older brother had not yet left home to go to college, and we did some memorable family trips then. In the next few years, times got a little harder as I left behind some old friends to move to a new town, my brother no longer lived at home, and my mom's health kind of stopped much of our family adventures. I need to dig out the old pictures. 😊

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