Monday, August 13, 2018

Kiki's Childhood Home Movies I Circa Late 1990 I Reading With Grandpa

Good morning my dears.


"Grandpa" William Harold Smith
b. August 4th, 1924 d. 1999

married on December 12th to

"Granny" Veronika Ortrud Heier
b. December 27th, 1938 d. December, 2010

[Heier family and Otto family genealogy]

In memory of my late Grandpa's 94th birthday month, here's one of my childhood home movies, circa late 1990. The video was filmed at our home in Germiston, South Africa shortly after the arrival of my baby sister, Gigi.

Kiki Nakita

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Sherry said...

I meant to comment on this a while ago, but you were seriously the cutest and were just so in love with your baby sister. It reminds me of the moments when my boys first met their baby siblings...such special memories. Your parents were awesome to document so much. 😊

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