Sunday, February 7, 2010

1940s Kitchens

I have always been fond of the 1940s and 1950s. I must be re-incarnated from that era as I love that women could be women, who could be there to make a beautiful breakfast spread for breakfast, be there when her children come home from school, be there child’s number one supporter at all their activities and games as well as devote their time to making their family top priority.

I do however enjoy modern conveniences and the fact that women can choose what they now want. But what if you choose to take the best parts of the decades, take the family togetherness, elegance, manners and a home that is well taken care of.

I came across the blog Retro Renovation. I love the gallery images that Pat has shared with us, so I posted a few from her site. Enjoy!

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Nadia Marie said...

Great post, Kiki! I too feel as you do when it comes to wanting to have a home and family and be able to be there for them and I think that if you inquired it of other women you would find that most, providing a change in circumstances, would be more likely to desire a stay at home life but necessity has unfortunately left the majority with the need to be outside of the home. It is nice when one has the complete ability to choose between the two circumstances. :-) I personally love the early 1950's lifestyle! Hugs!

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