Sunday, February 7, 2010

Passport fiasco

What an overwhelming week. Can you even believe we are already the first week through February, I can’t. Maybe I should look at the calendar page each day and remind myself that ‘yes’ I did experience each and every day. It just seems as if it goes faster and faster each week, and by the weekend I look back and wonder how I accomplished so much.

Okay, so earlier in the week my Mother reminded me I needed to re-new my passport. All well and fine, except for one thing. I didn’t have my own birth certificate. So, I asked both my parents to send any certified copies they may have. Hopefully, with both of them sending it I’m more likely to receive a copy before my passport expires. So simple tip, check your families passports often, and if you’ve moved out, don’t forget your own birth certificate.

Today I went on the Green PDX meet up group’s Z-haus tour. I went accompanied by Miss Liz, and afterwards we lunched at Mother’s. Then the rest of the afternoon I was in school, yes you read that right, school on a Saturday. Beside the point, I started selecting materials for my Urban Tea Lounge thesis project and completely tidied up my bulletin board and desk. How did you spend your weekend?

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