Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother Day Weekend 2013

Mother's Day in America is this Sunday, May 12th.
My mother gets well wishes twice a year, as she gets to celebrate the English Mother's Day {with my little sister} as well the American one {with me}.

I saw this video of the TODAY show cast talking about their mom's.
Recently, my fiance and I had a leaving party before moving cross country. Before we left, we asked for family pictures, of us growing up. My mom has most of mine, that I look at every time I go visit as she has them all put together into albums, but my dad is quite the sentimental one and has lot's of photos and video that I wanted to get copies of.
 While collecting photos, my fiance found a few of himself and later asked his mom for ones of him growing up he could look through. He diligently scanned them all by one and I am working on putting together a coffee table book, for us of our family photos and history.

Kiki as a little one:

My mom, Julie's baby shower. Yes it was the late 1980's.
Kiki's crib
Julie and Kiki

Kiki, playing outside

Cory as a little one:

 Cory's mom, Cindy pregnant

Cindy and Cory
Cindy and Cory at school
Cory, walking along
All grown up:
Cindy, Kiki, Julie
Cory {what's he looking at?}, Cindy, Julie
So, to my mom, Julie...
and Cory's mom Cindy...
and all the other mom's.
Happy Mother's Day 2013.

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