Thursday, August 15, 2013

Heaven is a Place on Earth

I often ask myself, why I reminisce so much.
Is it looking at the past with nostalgia?
A glimpse of the future with trepidation?
Or is it hope that our dreams will somehow stitch themselves together?
Nowadays, everyone has an opinion on who to blame, what they would do, where it all went wrong, and when things changed.
Instead, why don't we "be the change" as Gandhi once said.
I hate to tell the makers of journals, prints, jewelry, and about a million pins this, but Gandhi never said that. He said similar things, but a paraphrase is not the same as a quote.
Most likely, because that would take work, an act of effort on our parts...and what the hey, it's easier to form an opinion than to practice what we preach.
'What would heaven on earth look like to you'?
By writing a private journal, you can formulate your thoughts. Do research, cross past thoughts out, and re-write, almost as if your a student in college...because after all, we forget, we're students our whole lives.

Those of us in America (as well as other first world countries) are born more fortunate than those in third world countries. We are blessed with a lot of basic needs.

Remember the video by Micheal Jackson, 'We are the World'? It's one of my favorites, listen to the lyrics closely.  

Although, we can't save the world, we can give our most precious gift, our hearts. A second favorite, is the Christmas song, 'Do they know it's Christmas time again'.

The gift we get in return from other countries is an opportunity to see how different cultures work, have developed and what does work as opposed to what doesn't work.

In America, serving God, and the middle class family is what we all strive for. The American dream! Somehow, it's slowly slipping away, and thus nostalgia sets in.

What we do have to remember, is that along with 'the way we were' a lot of progression has occurred. And regardless of wealth, race, gender, or orientation an ideal is that we learn to love.

Love, you see, is blind (no pun intended).
Love is blind

Once we give love, we can recieve love. That's the first step to heaven on earth.
Then hear from heaven your dwelling place and forgive and render to each whose heart you know, according to all his ways, for you, you only, know the hearts of the children of mankind.
- 2 Chronicles 6:30

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