Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sentimental Tea Party

You're welcome to have a seat, and pour yourself a cup of tea as we talk about weddings this sentimental Saturday.
pretty pastels
This day, twenty-eight years ago was my parents wedding day in South Africa.
August 10th, 1985
They were twenty-seven and twenty-four.

 Left to right: My paternal Granny, my Dad, my Mom, my paternal Grandpa, my maternal Nana
Front: bridesmaids Amanda and Michelle
They were married by a Evangelical Pastor who was one of my dad's best friends at the time.  My mom called the church 'happy-clappy' because the congregation would stand up and sing with so much enthusiasm.

My Nana flew out from England for the wedding, and helped my mom make the wedding cake, and with wedding planning. My mom wore a tea-length dress, and peep toe shoes, very similar to my wedding dress and shoes.

After the ceremony, they had a reception at the boat club, and they spent their honeymoon in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe...and that is how I became the honeymoon baby.
 My Dad with Amanda and Michelle

Weddings were so different back then, and even more so in my grandparents generation. I remember my Nana sharing a story about how my Grandad took her on a honeymoon in a motorcycle and was during 1950's.

Ha ha!

I encourage you to invite your parents, and grandparents to a sentimental tea, and ask them to tell you about their wedding stories.
Outdoor wedding decor. Family portraits in eclectic frames on tree trunk. Rustic romance.

Thank you for stopping by.

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