Friday, November 1, 2013

Beaufort, North Carolina

Hope you had a Happy Halloween. We didn't celebrate this year, instead we took a trip to Beaufort, North Carolina.
We had lunch at the Dockside restaurant, and watched the boats sail past the windows. Before we left it started getting drizzly, which after a l-o-n-g summer down South...was much appreciated. The restaurant must be nice on a sunny day, when you can sit out on the dock.
Here's Cory, enjoying the view!
And my sunshiny self ordering.
The town had an 'All American' style, Camp Lejeune is nearby and the paneled car made me feel like I was on a 90's movie set.
Beautiful historic homes line the streets opposite to the water. They have a Southern Coastal charm, and beautiful unobstructed views. How charming is this Colonial?
It was a short visit, but I hope to go back sometime. I would love recommendations on seafood places nearby.
Happy November!

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Allison said...

You are so right about Beaufort's all-american style and charm! We checked out that cemetery, too… wasn't it beautiful?

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