Thursday, November 7, 2013

Southern Coastal Homes On Topsail Beach, North Carolina

I found this poem the other day, and thought it was so true. Your life is what you make of it, day by day. It also reminded me of the beautiful beach.
We have been staying in Topsail Beach for a few weeks now. It's an island off the southern coast of North Carolina. The homes here are an array of hues, some blend in with the landscape, while others have can be seen from a distance. Many homes on the island are raised as the Atlantic coastline is on one side, and the wetlands on the other side.
Many of the homes I photographed, were on wetlands side, enjoy the tour:

The birds were on the electrical lines, and flying really low. My Nana used to say that was a sign that it was going to rain, and it did.
Hope you enjoyed looking at some homes on Topsail Beach.

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