Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ina Garten's Childhood Home

I found this YouTube clip of Ina Garten's Childhood home in Brooklyn, NY.

Isn't it precious?


Ernest L Sewell, IV said...

If you go to Google Earth,a nd enter E. 17th & Glenwood Rd, then go to Street View, you'll see this house (now with trees out front, and a white fence railing on the porch) today. It's on the SE corner of the intersection; and it's a corner lot.
You can also enter this into Google Earth or Google Maps to search: 40°37'56.54"N 73°57'38.21"W

Ernest L Sewell, IV said...

PS If you go west on Glenwood, it'll temporarily dead-end at the train tracks. That's where her and Jeffrey sat to have lunch.

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