Friday, February 28, 2014

Moving In

This is a long post, so go get yourself a cup of coffee and how about a little background music?
Home quote via Carol's Country Sunshine on Facebook
For the past eleven months, we have been traveling and it has been fun, but we we're ready to settle down.
We started looking for a home in the Charlotte/Matthews area of North Carolina for quite a few months and after several trips to see homes, nightly searching online, working with our realtor we found a home.
Last week we closed on our home. We drove into town the night before and the next day we met up with our realtor at the lawyers office to sign and get the key.

Here's our humble colonial...


The home was a short sale, and although in pretty good condition, it needs a little TLC, so that's where imagination and a little elbow grease come in. Our dogs, Sophie and Oscar were happy to have a large garden to run around in. I think they look like pioneers in this picture...

One of our favorite things (besides the Carolina blue skies) is all the trees in our back yard, it's so peaceful and relaxing. Here's a picture of them from inside the pool fence.

We've spent the past week working and eating out at all the different restaurants close by as we don't have a stove yet, and honestly it's been nice not having to do meal planning, shopping, prep, cooking, washing up etc. for a week. Now that's a vacation for me!
We got a washer and dryer, our cable and Internet set up (yay) and  are knee deep in the master bedroom/bathroom remodel. Our deadline is next week, because we have flooring and our new bed arriving.
But for now, and a few more years to come we are home, sweet home.

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