Friday, February 28, 2014

Master Suite Phase I

Our first house project in our new home is the master suite.

Here's a little home video tour of the before...

My English accent sounds a lot stronger than I thought it would, with a few American twang words in there. Ha ha.

Firstly, we took everything out of the closet, and after inspecting where electrical and plumbing lines were, we created an opening between the closet and bathroom.

Here's a home video partway through the demolition I took of Cory taking the walls down. Buster P. Kitten, who also goes by Bubba did a wonderful job balancing on that small ledge, he is our resident mischief.

Eventually we had it down to the frame. Here are a few photos I took during the renovation, isn't it interesting to see how homes are constructed? We found 11 cents in our walls, which makes me wonder how much money gets dropped in, or lost by construction workers over time. I guesstimated 34 million dollars, between the 313 million people in America.

Sophie, our resident inspector.

Cory brought a T square ruler with us to score the drywall before putting it in the back of Bibi. I can't tell you how much I really like my car, even my husband who isn't a car guy taps her dashboard and admires all the trips, memories, dog car rides, moves, and projects she's helped us with.

Here's the end of phase I, the perspective view of the new wall from the bedroom. The last one is of the view from the shower. It is coming along nicely.

That my dears concludes phase I of the renovation, as we progress I'll post an update. We're hoping to get a lot done before Tuesday, before our floor arrives, or Wednesday when our new King sized bed arrives.
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Nadia Marie said...

I love this! Cory looked like he was having fun ripping that drywall out! :D How's it coming along?

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