Thursday, March 13, 2014

Family History Research On The Heier Family

I've been doing family history research on my fathers side of the family. His fathers side the family name ? (Paternal) and ? (Maternal) and his mother's side had the family name Heier (Paternal) Otto (Maternal).

My dad was born in Germany, and it is a lot harder to find records on family trees that date back several generations. If you have any advice that would be tremendous.

I researched some background to the family name:
The family name Heier is South German: generally a variant of Hauer, but in some cases an occupational name from Middle High German heie ‘ranger’, ‘guard’.
My grandmother was born in Kudowa-Zdroj on December 27th, 1938 and at a young age, just before the second World War her family home was invaded by Russians. Her mother and brothers were sent on a cattle train to West Germany. Her father was taken to Russia and killed in a line up. My grandmothers mother (Oma) found out about his passing decades later by postal letter.

Group at Bad Kudowa 1922

Oma is the lady pictures with the purse on her lap in the middle of this picture.

One of four children, my grandmother and all her siblings were born on the same day on different years. The youngest, was killed in a drowning accident as a child. The second eldest, was killed in an automobile accident in the early 1960's and her eldest brother owned and operated a grocery store in Lippstadt, Germany.

My dad and his uncle who was killed.

My grandmother was only nineteen, when she had my father. She was unmarried, and later married my grandpa who was in the British Army.

Here are some pictures of Kudowa:

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