Saturday, March 22, 2014

Garden Woodland

To the back right of our garden is a woodland, covered in crisp leaves. There's a creek running to the back (behind the fence) so we can hear frogs. There are squirrels that jump across the trees so it feels like we're in the mountains when we go back there. Well, the other day my husband and I had an impromptu photo shoot (he was once a photographer) and today, I went out to take some photos of our flowers.
This is me, with Sophie


We've been looking at garden nurseries for flowers, and planted some creeping phlox and foam flowers but would love suggestions. Hostas galore? Shaded wildflower garden? or bluebell woods?

This is the first month in our new home, so I can't wait to see how the woodland transitions over time. How do you record your flowers? And gardening projects over time? I'd love ideas.

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