Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Drive

What a beautiful day in North Carolina.
77 degrees.
My husband went out to get me a Starbucks this morning and picked out a chocolate croissant while I called my mum to wish her a happy birthday. Oh my goodness, they taste delicious. If you've never tasted one, go treat yourself!
We went for a Sunday drive through the windy roads where we live, with the windows open listening to Brad Paisley...

...and it made my eyes tear up a bit. I love that song. 
Anyways, we went to a store to look at paint supplies, stocked up and headed home to work some more on our master suite project. We found that the dollar store had much sturdier paint trays than some others we had collected, so we stocked up.
Then we went to Fuddruckers, which is a burger, soup and salad type of restaurant. I got a salad and strawberry milkshake but was unable to finish it all, the portion sizes are h-u-g-e. Almost as huge as Casa Rita's where we went last night for a Mexican food.
As you can probably tell by reading my blog...for the past week at least, we've been eating out while doing renovation projects.
Well, I better get back to painting. We're going to DVR the Oscars and some other shows. Will have to catch up one day.
Have a happy rest of your Sunday!

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