Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Expect The Unexpected

This week has been an especially long one. It started out with us driving about a week ago to our local pizza place, to share our favorite for lunch. As we were driving along, our car, affectionately named Bibi started shaking. As we approached the light, waiting to turn left she cut out in a quiet, unassuming way.
Everything happens for a reason
I have always loved my car, she’s got over 170,000 miles of memories, is in many of our family photos and our dogs recognize her driving up the driveway in a heartbeat. Bibi is often relaxed, casual and ever dependable driving us around town, or the dogs for an occasional doggy date. So, as you can see we love her for all the good times.
Luckily, she started back up and we drove into the parking lot. We went and ordered our pizza, only for it to be the WRONG one. In our cloud of confusion we ordered buffalo chicken, instead of BBQ chicken. My hubby decided he wasn’t hungry, so we boxed it up for later. That night we had family coming into town, so we walked (yes mum, we actually walked) to the grocery store and got some muffins for later.
Thank the Lord for smartphones, although in the past I’ve been slow and slightly reluctant to join such a trend, it came through in our hour of need. We called a Christian auto mechanic and arranged an appointment.
We got there early, and after deliberating on our choices, they drove us home for the night, and said they’d call us with more news in the morning.
We came home and set about getting everything ready for my hubby’s cousins, whom we haven’t seen for about three years. We didn’t tell them about what had happened, instead we put our troubles aside and were excited to hear about their summer and did a lot of college talk.
The next day, we heard from the car place, and they quoted us around $4,000 for everything that needed to be done. We got collected and drove Bibi to a car dealership, so we could weigh that option. After a day of deliberation, we decided we needed time, so we’ve hired a car for a month to make our decisions with ease.
The same day that we stalled, I also got a message from my sister online. It said, “Someone from your year died”. I was shocked! They, like me would only be in their late twenties, how sudden, how tragic.
It came a day after hearing the news that Robin Williams had passed. My hubby and I cried watching all the memorial videos for Robin. He was is so many good movies, our favorite being Mrs. Doubtfire.
All of a sudden, my troubles didn’t seem as troubling in perspective. And the next day I found out who had died, and found out that she had a seizure in her sleep, from a lifelong illness of epilepsy.
Great Expectations - Moms Without Ansers
So when a slew of things happen, I learnt a valuable life lesson. Expect the unexpected, because you never know what’s going to happen next, even if you do plan it all out like me.
On a fabulous note, lots of good things have happened this week too. My hubby started a new job at insp, the wholesome family channel. It’s a short twenty minutes away, and he’s enjoying it so far.
The day before he started I treated him to pedicures. Not a normal treat for a manly man, but I think everyone needs help grooming sometimes. Then yesterday, after his first full day, we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant for our Mexican Monday.
After I came home I was reminiscing and salivating at the Beekman Boys’ recipes that were in Country Living last Fall. It mixed two of my favorite things, old recipes and chocolate, which was mentioned in two of them. Are you a sweet tooth too? I’d love your recipes.
Hope you have a delightful rest of the week.

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