Friday, August 1, 2014

One Year And Counting...

Yesterday, was the one year anniversary of our wedding. We were married last year in Port Charlotte, Florida on a dock near the water.
Cory, Kiki
Last night we went for an Italian dinner to celebrate. When we arrived the hostess announced that the wine bottles were 1/2 off that day, and so we obliged. We usually never order wine, and buy no more than about two to three bottles a year, so we ordered something bubbly, light and sweet.
The meal was delicious, although we had most of it boxed so we could save space for dessert, tiramisu my dears is heaven on a plate. Our waitress came over with another waiter and he serenaded us, slightly embarrassing, but he had a good voice and it was very sweet of them.
We talked a lot about if only we knew a year ago, about where we were we'd be today. We've come a long way. We now have a home that we're remodeling to raise a family in, we're successfully renting out our first home, we now have a pool (who would've thought), exciting career progress, and we're in a town we both love.
On our way home, Cory squeezed my hand and said how thankful he was that I had found our home. He knew all the searching I'd been doing since last summer, and to find something that we could buy outright, in a nice neighborhood (despite not really knowing besides research online). I've never found one like ours for a similar price since! It was meant to be.
Also this year, we've traveled a lot. From Coker Creek Tennessee and Virgina Beach Virginia, just before we got married to Port Charlotte/North Port Florida, Miami Florida, Valdosta Georgia, Topsail North Carolina, My childhood home in England and last but not least, Myrtle Beach South Carolina.
Here's some picture's of us in the past year or so...
Us at the cabin in Coker Creek, Tennessee. We stayed here about two months. A favorite picture of mine.
Cory at the Chattanooga Choo Choo, just before we got married.
Us in the lanai in Port Charlotte, Florida. We stayed in this house for about three months.
On our way to Miami, Florida. This was the pool area at the house in North Port, Florida that we stayed in for only a month.
Us staying at a large Queen Anne style house for about a month, that might just have been haunted.
Porch sitting, together...
...with my Mum who was able to come out and visit us in-between our move from North Port to Valdosta.
Us in the dining room at the house in Valdosta, Georgia.
Us, Sophie and Oscar on Thanksgiving 2013 at Topsail Beach, North Carolina we stayed here for about four months. We took long walks on the beach, especially around sunset as it left us in awe.
Us on Christmas Day, 2013.
Us at Topsail Beach, North Carolina.
Us on Easter Sunday, in our new garden on our way for our 1st annual Easter at The Biltmore.
Then I went to spend a month in England, Cory came at the end of my trip. This is one of my favorite pictures there. Cory in-front of William Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford Upon Avon.
Cory with my sister, Gigi.
Us at Althorp, the childhood home of Princess Diana.
Us, with my Mum (she took the picture), sister and high school friends (I've known since I was 11) on the eve of my 28th birthday
We've had a fun year together with lot's of adventure! I'm glad Cory got to meet with lot's of my family and friends, and to experience England with natives as his tour guide.
Who knows what this next year will bring? We have lot's of plans, so we'll see...I'll try upload our pictures from this week/weekend sometime soon.  

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