Monday, December 14, 2015

A Christmas Miracle

This week flew by. Sometimes, I have to journal or blog to remember all that has happened.
On Friday night, we watched Dolly Parton's movie Coat of Many Colors. It's based on a true story from her childhood. Her Momma sewed her a coat using scrap pieces of fabrics, known as the coat of many colors. I posted the trailer, however if you wish to see the whole movie here is the link.

I enjoy watching Dolly, she's so uplifting. If you haven't seen her 1990 Christmas special it is festive to have on while wrapping Christmas gifts, baking cookies or to sing along. We also visited Dollywood in the Smoky Mountains in the Spring of 2013 what a family friendly place to visit.
The following day we went to our downtown for BBQ. I know, it sounds unusual in the middle of December, but the high was 77 degrees and we were walking around in t-shirts. Here's our town decorated for the holidays.

We also saw some flowers making an appearance. The yellow rose is from our garden.
On that day, December 12th it was also the wedding anniversary of my Nana and Grandad (pictured) and my Granny and Grandpa. My Nana once told me the story of being a little girl who liked the Church's floral decorations at Christmastime and that's why she chose a winter wedding.
Her floral bouquet was made of cream and red carnations, so I made a Christmas floral arrangement with red carnations. The greenery on the shelf was decorated by my sister from the bottom branches of our Christmas tree.
Lastly, yesterday we had brunch after worship at Cracker Barrel. Then we meandered through several antique stores where I found a Susan Branch Christmas Memories keepsake book, and a gold mirror I'd like to hang in the nursery one day.
Those who know me well, know I love all things Susan Branch. I have a collection of all her books, and cannot wait until the new one arrives next year. If your looking for some cookie recipes for the season, her recent newsletter has many. Just click on the words in the bauble and you can view her cookie recipe collection. I'm going to try the ginger crisps
As the day, and weekend came to a close we went on a dinner date at PF Chang's at Phillips Place in Charlotte. The whole area is decorated with light, trees and wreaths.

That's when I opened my fortune cookie that said: "Life's contentment is just around the corner." I had to share it with my TTC group.

Wouldn't that be a Christmas miracle. We have two doctors appointments this week, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
Have a blessed week,
~Kiki Nakita ~
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Lea said...

Oh, KiKi, praying that you and your husband will be blessed with a precious baby next year. There's just nothing like the longing of desiring a precious baby. Thanks for stopping by, it's so nice to make another blogging buddy. Blessings!

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