Tuesday, December 1, 2015


We had a lovely Thanksgiving break this year. My Mum and sister flew over from the otherside of the pond to stay with us for a week. We did some early Christmas shopping at Southpark, and went to the NC zoo where we saw an adorable baby chimp and baby gorilla. On Thanksgiving, we spent the day at Biltmore and admired the Blue Ridge Mountain views ~breathtaking~ I must say, as were all the spectacular trees that got us in the holiday spirit. The day after we had an early Christmas, we went Christmas tree shopping and trimmed the tree. We exchanged gifts and built a gingerbread house, and gingerbread nativity. After a delicious roast dinner we relaxed as we went to go see Love The Coopers. Our weekend was just as fun, we ventured into the city and took in the body worlds exhibition ~fascinating~ and lastly, we went to Old Salem, a Moravian village from the late 1700's and feasted on pie. All in all a lovely break. Pictures are posted on my instagram page for whoever wants a peek. Now the countdown to Christmas break can begin.

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