Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Glimpse At Our Week And Kelsie Merrily's Surgery

A glimpse at our week.


We made reservations at one of our favorites, The Gallery Restaurant inside the Ballantyne Hotel for a three course dinner.

The menu for me: shrimp and grits, roasted salmon with chilled risotto and crème pudding ala mode served with house brewed coffee. What a delicious dinner, and a wonderful evening.

The lobby has fresh floral arrangements, and serves high tea in the afternoons. It's where we're going for our 2nd annual St. Valentine's Day tea. If you gaze upwards, you'll notice the symmetrically placed wall sconces are like acorns hanging on oak stained paneling. The interior designer in me appreciates the attention to detail. 


Our ten month old puppy, Kelsie Merrily was rescued last summer - a day before she was scheduled to be euthanized. I was in a puddle of tears, and praying we could have her. She has become another member of our family.

Well she went into surgery to get spayed. She was so excited on her way in, greeting Angela, her vet behind the counter and very sore and groggy on her way out. She has to relax for the next ten days, which for her personality is not her favorite. Bless her heart.


Earlier in the week, I advertised for a housekeeper. I met a lady whose going to come help me clean my home weekly. My weekly cleaning routine will have to change a little. On Monday's, the day before I'll do the household laundry (sheets, bathmats, towels, hand towels etc.) and tidy up a little.

On Tuesday's the housekeeper will come and help with the bathrooms, hallway, kitchen  and the floors in the living, dining and bedrooms while I dust and fluff those rooms. That will free up the rest of my week, and weekend.

How was your week?

Kiki Nakita
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Lea said...

Looks like a lovely dining experience. And, poor doggie, hope she's recouping just fine. Yea, for the housekeeper, I have had mine for 23 years and I dread the day that she can no longer work. She's like a part of our family. Happy weekend!

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