Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Random Acts Hodgepodge

1. February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. It lands on the calendar one day after National Do Something for a Grouch Day (February 16) which somehow feels related. Perhaps the 16th inspired the 17th?

Tell about a time you performed a random act of kindness or were the recipient of one. Will you make an effort to perform a random act of kindness on the 17th? Share details if you're so inclined, and if you have something specific in mind.

As season pass holders, every year we get four tickets to the Biltmore for family and friends. Last year we gave them away to our neighbors. This year, we gave them away to a support group. They were given to two women who had gone through a struggle in the last year.

I had forgotten all about it until Marie Osmond gave me a shout out, personally thanking me.

2.What's the most uplifting or encouraging thing you see happening in the world right now? You may have to dig deep for this one.

Connecting with each other. As faux pas as the internet can be, it brings people together and helps us to understand, and empathize with each other. 

For example, when the attacks happened in Paris, the whole world was sending their thoughts and prayers. That would've been unheard of a hundred years ago.

3. Black olives, black currants, black grapes, black beans, blackberries, Oreos...your favorite food the color of night? Your least favorite on the list?

My favorite would be blackberries. My least favorite would be olives.

4. A while back I read (
here) a list of twelve things you should do before you turn 50. They were-

travel when you have the chance, take care of your skin, learn a foreign language, make exercise a habit, leave a toxic situation, stop caring what others think about you, stop worrying, volunteer, spend time with your grandparents, pledge to work less, learn to cook an amazing dish, and seize an opportunity as it arises

What do you think of the list? What would you add or remove and why? If you're over 50, have you done all 12? If you're not yet 50, have you done any at all? What's on the list that you haven't done, but would like to do?

I'm turning thirty this year. Oh my!

Things I have done; travelled - attempted learning French & Spanish, taken care of my skin, mastered a few dishes, volunteered and spent time with my grandparents before they passed away.

I've Closed the door on toxic people, stopped worrying and caring what they think. I feel more confident for doing so.

Things I need to do; make exercise a habit, (especially on cold days) travel more, learn more dishes and volunteer again.

5. Besides the classic Christmas flicks, what's your favorite film where winter plays a part in the setting?  

Groundhog day.

6.When did you last feel helpless, and what did you do about it?

On New Years Eve, after our third medicated IUI hadn't worked, we both felt overwhelmed and helpless.

I spent two weeks mourning my dreams. I had to accept that we might be a childless couple.

We've decided to take a break, and talk about our options after my birthday.

7. Share a favorite proverb. 

There's no place like home.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I would like to print out our Valentine's portraits and photos of our day, do you have a printer you'd recommend?

Have a great rest of the week,

Kiki Nakita
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Cranberry Morning said...

Ah, the Biltmore! I love that place. We were there several years ago, but it and the village made a huge impression on me. What a place! I wonder why Marie Osmond didn't contact me?? LOL Fun. I enjoyed your Hodgepodge and love your name. I happen to like strong consonants and all our kids have strong consonant names. :-)) So glad you joined the Hodgepodge.

Barbara said...

You and your hubby photograph well!

So nice of you to share the tickets to the Biltmore. I've never seen it but I know those who receive your generosity really appreciate it!

Carla from The River said...

I like your photo, very nice.
I am sending a prayer for you. My sister and her husband went through what you are expressing.
xx oo

Unknown said...

The Biltmore is on my travel list. Love how you blessed others with tickets. Forgot about Groundhog Day- Love Bill Murray! Your photo is awesome. Not so sure on a good printer. We have a Cannon- my husband takes care of all technology. Glad to get to know you. Have a toad-ally awesome week!

Denise said...

liked your answers.

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