Monday, May 2, 2016

Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday Tea

Last week, was Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm very fond of the royal family, and enjoy celebrating special royal occasions.

This year, is the 20th anniversary since I met the Queen when she opened St. Michael's Hospital in Warwick, England on November 8th, 1996. I was a ten year old in middle school at the time, back when we didn't have cell phone camera's, or digital camera's, oh how I wish I had a picture. She wore a woven purple coat, with her black gloves, handbag and shoes - much like the ones in this commemorative picture.   

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince George and Prince William.

To celebrate, we went for a tea at one of our favorite hotels in Charlotte, North Carolina - The Ballantyne Hotel. The hotel is akin to country club quality, and we brunch there often. It's also where we have our annual Valentine's tea.

- My date -

-Us, with Queen Elizabeth -

- We were served loose leaf herbal teas, and used a tea strainer before pouring into our tea cups -

Our delicate, and delicious courses. I learned, back when I was younger that you start from the bottom, and work your way up. That way you start with the savory courses, and end with the dessert courses.

We had a delightful time, and enjoyed talking about the royals. Did you have a celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday, too?

Have a delightful week,

Kiki Nakita

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Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I have seen the Ballantyne hotel many times but never visited that hotel....How great to have Tea to celebrate the Queen's birthday...and how great that you actually got to meet the Queen...what a most memorable experience!

Nadia Marie said...

We celebrated with the local church. Not quite as fancy as this but it was lovely to see everyone celebrating Her Majesty's 90th. :)

Stacey said...

I am so impressed that your husband enjoys this too. My husband would feel tortured but it looks like fun to me.
Happy Thoughts of Home. We are so glad you joined us. :)

Art and Sand said...

I love high tea and the ladies in my family are gathering in Beverly Hills at the end of the month at the Peninsula to celebrate a late mother's day. We couldn't get reservations for today even though we called 2 months ago.

Seeing your tea has me excited about our upcoming day.

Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Anonymous said...

What a fun day! Here in the states, I am unfamiliar with these kinds of celebrations. This looked like so much fun and the location is just beautiful! -- Amy @

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