Monday, May 9, 2016

Savannah Sunrise and a Sunset Stroll

Last week, my husband and I attended the premier of the INSP original movie - Savannah Sunrise. The movie was the second one made by INSP as they are trying to create more original programming. It should be released in select theatres on May 13th.

For those of you who may not know, my husband is the UX/UI designer for INSP, which is a wholesome family television network, and Inspiration Ministries out in Indian Land, South Carolina. The campus was known as the City of Light, but has recently changed it's name to Crossridge - hence the name tag on hubby's office door.

- Beautiful magnolia in bloom -

After the premier we went for a sunset stroll around the campus, which has manicured lawns and lot's of blooms which lead to the cross.

- The building my hubby works in -

- Roses in bloom -

- Azalea in bloom -

- The Chapel -

Hope you enjoyed the sunset walking tour and hope you get a chance to see Savannah Sunrise when it's released on INSP.  

Kiki Nakita

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Cory Wright said...

Great post and great pictures of the campus! It is a great place to work and take afternoon walks everyday after lunch. The movie was good, too. It is good to be part of a company that creates great, wholesome movies and TV shows. Although, my office wall does need some artwork doesn't it? ;)

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